Samsung patents dual-sided in-display fingerprint sensor for foldables

Hang up the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 screen

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  • Samsung has applied for a patent for a foldable smartphone with a double-sided fingerprint sensor in the display.
  • This would allow fingerprint unlocking across both screens on a Galaxy Fold-style device.

One of the underrated challenges with foldable phones is biometric unlocking, and we’ve seen almost all major devices use a side-mounted fingerprint scanner instead of a sensor under the display. Samsung has also introduced a side scanner for its foldable devices, but it looks like the company is working hard on an alternative solution.

Let’s go digital has uncovered a Samsung patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) describing a double-sided fingerprint sensor in the display for a foldable Galaxy Z Fold. Check out a picture below, courtesy of the outlet.

Samsung foldable double-sided fingerprint LetsGoDigital edit

The patent suggests placing the fingerprint scanner near the bottom of the smartphone display, similar to conventional phones. But this scanner could also work on the lower left side of the foldable screen when it is open, as it is double-sided.

It’s a pretty clever solution to implement an in-display fingerprint sensor on a foldable phone. Otherwise, you’d probably have to add two separate sensors if you wanted this technology on both the smartphone screen and the foldable display. Samsung’s approach could also save space inside the phone compared to using two separate sensors.

However, this is only a patent and companies often patent designs and inventions that do not see the light of day. So you might not want to hold your breath when a double-sided fingerprint sensor lands under the display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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