Samsung now offers three years of major Android updates for Galaxy A phones

Samsung Galaxy A52 2

  • Samsung has been doing Android OS updates to Galaxy A phones for the first time in three years.
  • This includes “regular” security updates.
  • Initially, however, only the Galaxy A52 5G qualifies, as other two years are stuck.

In addition to bringing the latest Galaxy A phones to the US, Samsung is also strengthening the update policy for those devices. How 9to5Google The tech giant is reportedly offering major Android updates to A-series devices for the first time in three years.

The new update policy for Galaxy A currently only applies to the A52 5G, but also promises three years of “regular” (probably monthly) security patches. You will also receive a fourth year of security updates, although this may be limited to two releases per year.

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The other Galaxy A models, including the A02, A12, A32 and A42, are still bound by the old update policy. You will receive critical Android and regular security updates for two years, plus two more years of security patches at a likely reduced rate. It is not clear if or when they will receive improved support.

Even so, this is an important step. So far, Samsung’s three-year update policy only applied to flagship models such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Fold series. By expanding to the Galaxy A line, this software longevity is made available to a much wider audience. Not only do you get new Android experiences for much of the usable life of your phone, but you are also protected from security vulnerabilities that require timely (if not always urgent) fixes.

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