Samsung Galaxy Z Fold power and volume rockers

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  • When you try to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 from it says it is “No Longer Available for Purchase”.
  • The phone still shows up in Search, but it is not available for purchase
  • This could possibly be in anticipation of the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3 slated to land soon.

When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Fold, it got off to a very troubled start. Fortunately, with its sequel, the company has fixed many of the issues related to this device. When that sequel landed, Samsung began to downplay the original heavily.

Well, it looks like Sammy is going to repeat that strategy. As of today (first discovered by 9to5Google) on the company’s official website, you can no longer purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The website shows a blank page with the text “The Galaxy Fold is no longer available for purchase on, but please check out additional options in the Galaxy family.”

Check it out below:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 not for sale

Now it’s interesting that the warning says “Galaxy Fold” rather than “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2”. The original Galaxy Fold isn’t even on so obviously customers wouldn’t try to buy it and encounter this warning.

It is possible that Samsung copied and pasted the warning from the first time and didn’t bother to change the phone’s name. Regardless, it seems impossible to buy the phone from

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Fortunately, you can easily find it from other sources if you still want one more. Amazon has the phone for sale in both colors through the Samsung Store, so it’s not that Samsung doesn’t have units to move around.

We believe this is a sign that the launch of the anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 3 is imminent. Once that phone lands, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will likely make it redundant in many ways, so Samsung will want to give the latest model a high focus. Stay tuned!

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