Samsung Galaxy S22: What we want to see

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It’s no secret that Samsung sold the Galaxy S20 series lukewarm. Thankfully, the company got its groove back with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which was both a critical and commercial hit. After halfway through 2021, it is time to look ahead and speculate about what we might see with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

To be honest, if Samsung just upgraded the phones to the latest chipset and left pretty much everything else the same, we’d be happy. The Galaxy S21 series has something for everyone, whether you’re just looking for the basics or a monster with all the specs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, do you?

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Still, there are a few things Samsung would like to change. Below are six things we hope to see with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. These are all realistic desires, that is, they aren’t hopes for heaven – it would be perfectly feasible for Samsung to offer all of these changes. Let us begin.

Faster wired charging

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus charging via USB C

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Samsung has been way behind the curve for years when it comes to wired charging speeds. The Galaxy S21 series phones all reach a top speed of 25W when using one cable, which is less than half of what the OnePlus 9 series offers. In fact, it’s less than what the OnePlus 8 series offered in 2020 and the OnePlus 7 series in 2019.

As more companies offer faster wired charging speeds, Samsung can no longer ignore the trend. Every Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone should offer 45W wired charging. The Galaxy S22 Ultra should offer 65W (or more), but as long as everything reaches 45W that would be enough.

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To be clear, we’re not asking about the 100W + speeds that some companies are aiming for. Power transfers that significantly reduce battery life. We think 45W is a good compromise since it passes the shower test: it should get enough charge to get you through the day while you’re in the shower.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Samsung won’t offer 45 W chargers in the Galaxy S22 series boxes. This is unfortunate, but at least people interested in fast loading have the option. In any case, 25W is no longer sufficient.

Further advantages for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus back to desktop macro

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In the past, the differences between the Vanilla Galaxy S and its Plus counterpart have been significant. Usually we see more rear camera lenses, higher resolution displays, more RAM, etc.

That was not the case with the Galaxy S21 series. Apart from a glass back, a larger case / display and a slightly larger battery, the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21 Plus are pretty much the same. This isn’t a huge problem in and of itself, but when you consider that the Galaxy S21 Plus is $ 200 more expensive, it becomes a real headache.

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We’ll get more into our hopeful pricing structure for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in a moment. For now, though, we say that if Samsung continues to offer a Plus model, it will either have to add more perks or lower the price. We suggest offering faster wired charging, a higher resolution display, and a slightly higher quality camera system along with the glass back and larger battery that we saw in the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Otherwise, the price of the Galaxy S22 Plus will have to drop by at least $ 100. There’s just no reason to spend an extra $ 200 to get a slightly bigger phone.

More storage and / or return of the microSD slot

MicroSD card slot stockfoto 5

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The Galaxy S21 series phones all support 8K video recording. Recording in this quality requires enormous amounts of data, around 10 MB per second. Even if you go over the top and stick with 4K recording, your files will still be huge. Oddly, however, the Galaxy S21 series starts with 128GB of internal storage with no option to expand.

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We understand why Samsung removed microSD card support from the Galaxy S21 series. It’s not a popular feature for the average consumer, and it makes phones more expensive and difficult to design. However, the company cannot have its cake and eat it; It cannot remove support for expandable storage without offering a higher level of internal storage as a base.

We hope the company will fix this bug with the S22. We’d love to see the microSD card slot return – that seems like the perfect compromise. If not, however, we’d like to see 256GB of internal storage as a minimum for the phones. That way, you can capture at least five hours of 8K footage before you run out of storage (and have to figure out which cloud service you’re going to be storing it on).

A wider range of color options

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This item on our wishlist is a bit picky. Most Galaxy S fans know that Samsung offers a whole range of color options for the Galaxy S21 series, some of which you can see in the picture above.

The Vanilla Galaxy S21, for example, is available in four colors: Phantom Gray, Phantom White, Phantom Pink and Phantom Violet. I don’t know about you, but as a man in my thirties, I don’t really care about the pink or purple ones. So I have two options: white or gray. Boring. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is even worse with Phantom Black or Phantom Silver (or Navy Blue if you go to Best Buy). There is not much variety there.

We’d love to see Samsung continue to offer lots of colors for their phones, but maybe some would be cool that have a wider color gamut. I shouldn’t have to choose between boring neutrals or Easter pastels. There is plenty of space for more options.

Seamless updates

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus update

This is one of our biggest complaints not just with the Galaxy S line but with all of the Samsung phones and tablets. When you get a system update, your Samsung device needs to restart, go through a long series of updates, and after the restart, analyze and optimize all the apps on your phone. The entire process can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes. It is exaggerated.

In the meantime, Pixel smartphones have seamless updates. This means that most of the actual update process takes place in the background while the phone is on. You can continue to use your phone normally during the process. Once that’s done a reboot, which will take its normal time, will finish everything. It’s a lot more user-friendly.

We sincerely hope that Samsung will end its ridiculously long update procedure with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Not only would it be more convenient, but it would also help users update more frequently. How many users avoid updating their Samsung phones just because they know it will take 20 minutes? That’s not good for user safety and certainly a bad look for Samsung.

With Google providing all of the tools Samsung needs to take advantage of seamless updates, there is no longer any excuse. It’s time for seamless updates to become the norm.

The prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 are the same as for the Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. S21 Plus vs. S21 Ultra in hand

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Samsung has nailed the pricing strategy for the Galaxy S21 series. At $ 799, the vanilla Samsung Galaxy S21 is a perfectly reasonable, affordable flagship. Meanwhile, at $ 1,199, the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers pretty much everything a power user could want, at a price significantly lower than the 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Now we’ve already touched on that the Galaxy S21 Plus was the weird man in the pricing scheme, but a $ 999 phone in the lineup makes sense. We hope that Samsung will stick to this pricing strategy with the Galaxy S22 series – or at least emulate it as closely as possible.

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Apple has been doing this for years. Ignoring the iPhone 12 Mini, the Vanilla iPhone 12 starts at $ 799. The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $ 999 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at $ 1,099. Who would have thought that what worked well at Apple would also work well at Samsung, right?

Depending on the upgrades we’re seeing in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, these prices may need to be increased. However, we hope Samsung will do everything possible to avoid this. The 2021 strategy worked very well and there is no reason to believe that it would not work well again in 2022.

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