Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: The Google Pixel 6 Pro has been one of the finest big Android phones for a few months. Samsung’s latest phablet, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, now offers new opposition.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a fantastic smartphone with an excellent price-to-performance ratio, yet the new Ultra is aiming for the top spot. We’ve put up a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Pixel 6 Pro to help you determine which behemoth of a gadget is best for you.

In this debate, we’re sticking with the two most expensive smartphones. We’ve put the Google Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22 Plus head to head in a fight of their own.

The rear of the Pixel 6 Pro — Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra vs Pixel 6 Pro design

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

With flat edges on both the top and bottom, Samsung has resurrected its old boxy design. The built-in S Pen slot, as well as the position of the bottom-firing speaker, are identical to those found in the late 2020 smartphone. Samsung has switched the material on the front and back glass panes to Gorilla Glass Victus Plus this time, as well as the frame.

On Google’s most recent flagship, you’ll find a Gorilla Glass Victus sandwich. For added durability and flair, Google chose a glossy aluminum frame around the edges. There’s no S Pen, but there are two down-firing speakers for side access. The Pixel 6 Pro also has a variety of two-tone paints, which we’ll discuss further later.

For all of Google’s and Samsung’s differences, these huge phablets have a lot in common.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Pixel both look nearly identical from the front. Both have rather boxy displays that flow over the edges like waterfalls, although Samsung’s AMOLED panel is somewhat larger at 6.8 inches versus Google’s 6.7-inch AMOLED display. Both devices feature similar central punch-hole cameras and QHD+ resolutions with 120Hz refresh rates, as they have in the past. The Pixel’s aspect ratio is 19.5:9 vs Samsung’s 19.3:9 option.

In a comparison of two boxy gadgets, the camera array is sometimes the most effective method to distinguish them. Google swapped from a conventional corner-mounted configuration to a huge camera bar that splits the back glass.

The camera bar is a subtle line that separates the two-toned finishes. As for Samsung, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has one of the thinnest camera constructions in years. Each lens is enclosed in its own bubble in the top left corner, which looks like an odd arrangement of eyes.

Hardware and cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Burgundy — Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs pixel 6 pro cameras

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The Contour Cut camera system on the Galaxy S21 Ultra was one of our top picks throughout the year and Samsung lovers will be glad to know that nothing has changed. The four lenses are all returning with the same measurements which means you’ll get the 108MP primary sensor is still in place again for the second year. It’s joined by 10MP periscope telephoto, 10MP telephoto, and 12MP ultrawide options and an impressive 40MP camera mounted on the display.

Overall, you should be able to achieve 10x optical zoom using Samsung’s periscope-telephoto system and 3x optical zoom when using the standard telescope. People who love Samsung’s cameras will be very happy for another year.

When Samsung stuck to the same formula that has been tested and proven, Google took its Pixel 6 Pro as an ideal opportunity to invent. The camera bar has already seen an enormous improvement however, the lens included makes it more powerful. After a couple of decades in 12MP as well as 16MP options The Pixel 6 Pro features a 50MP wide lens that is the primary camera. It also has an ultrawide 12MP option as well as a telephoto lens with 48MPit’s not available on the basic Pixel 6.

Google’s telephoto lens is capable of the equivalent of 4x zoom and it actually makes use of Samsung’s GN1 camera sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro rear on carpet

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

In the case of the most powerful batteries it’s the size that counts. Google hasn’t always put the most powerful cells into its smartphones however that’s transformed this year. Its Pixel 6 Pro eclipses the 5kmAh mark at the beginning of the year for the first time ever, with 5,003mAh. It’s the most powerful Pixel device to date and comes with the fastest charging experience to match.

You’ll be able to use 21W wired charging as well as 21W wireless charging with Google’s latest USB Power Delivery feature. It could provide as much as 50 percent of your battery’s life within a half-hour provided you have an appropriate charger. But it’s not quite as fast. Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t quite meet Google’s 30W claim.

Each of the Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra both support USB PD PPS, but Samsung is pushing for quicker charging speeds.

Samsung is not a fan of the battery with 5,000mAh capacity, and it is available with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is powered by the USB PD PPS standard however you can boost it to 45W instead 25W limit of Galaxy S21. Galaxy S21 series. In terms of wireless charging it is a bit slower than the Galaxy S22 Ultra stops at 15W.

There is no way that the Pixel 6 Pro nor the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers a charger with it which means you’ll have purchase a brand new one to get the highest speeds.

In terms of the performance of Samsung’s top model, it phone comes with the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor in the US in comparison with Google’s Tensor chip. On paper Gen 1 is a huge improvement over Tensor. Gen 1 offers a huge performance advantage over Tensor but Google’s machine-learning algorithms provide the brains needed for features that are Pixel-specific. Other markets will be getting Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chipset. Learn more about how Snapdragon as well as Tensor processors will perform in our comprehensive comparison.

Price and colors

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (8/128GB): $1,199
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (8/128GB): $1,199
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (8/128GB): $1,199
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (8/128GB): $1,199

Although Samsung hasn’t found an option to lower price from Galaxy S21 series, it hasn’t increased them either. We’ll consider it a minor victory in that Galaxy S22 Ultra still starts at $1199, even though it has 8GB of memory and 128GB in storage. Upgrading to 12GB and 256GB will cost $1,299 or 12GB and 512GB will cost $1,399. Samsung has launched one-tb versions of its massive phablet , with a the same price at $1,599.

Google has chosen to use more reasonable pricing — even if Pixel 6 Pro can’t quite equal the price of the standard version. The majority of Pixel 6 Pro configurations carry 12GB of RAM, while 128GB of storage costs just $899. For 256GB, expect to pay $999, while the highest-end model with 512GB will cost $1,099. Google’s new Pixel provides substantial savings over the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, regardless of the configuration.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Pixel 6 Pro showing four colors of the S22 Ultra: Green, Phantom White, Phantom Black, and Burgundy with the S Pen slot visible.

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We loved Samsung’s Phantom finishes on the Galaxy S21 series, and they’re back for a second year. Although not all of the options have the Phantom name The satin glass is familiar and comfortable in hands. There aren’t any two-tone choices from carriers this year All four colors come with identical frames and backs. The color names that are specific to Galaxy S22 Ultra are Phantom Black, Phantom White, Sky Blue and Galaxy S22 Ultra are Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Burgundy. There are however, three colors that are exclusive to Samsung: Graphite, Red, and Sky Blue.

For the Pixel 6 Pro, we’re delighted to have Google make a comeback to two-toned finishes. Although we didn’t see the panda-style classic in the options, you’ll have the option to pick among Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny as well as Stormy Black. Cloudy White provides a blend of light gray and white glass, with an aluminum frame, while Sorta Sunny can be considered the gold-based choice. Stormy Black combines two shades of gray, dark and with an elegant black frame.

google pixel 6 pro camera

Google Pixel 6 Pro

With a 6.7-inch QHD+ screen and a 120Hz refresh rate, the Pixel 6 Pro outperforms its little brother. It has the same two rear cameras as the Pixel 6, but there’s an extra 4x optical telephoto lens.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Which should you buy? 1

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra Galaxy S22 Ultra is a nostalgia trip back to Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like an Galaxy Note phone. It comes with the S Pen just like a Note and a boxy design similar to Note, a boxy shape just like Note, and…well, you see the image. It’s by far the best of the Galaxy S22 lineup with the most impressive display, the largest battery, the best cameras, and the most choices for memory and storage capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Specs

Google Pixel 6 ProSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
DisplayGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

6.7-inch OLED
19.5:9 aspect ratio
QHD+ resolution
(3,120 x 1,440)
120Hz adaptive refresh rate
HDR support
24-bit depth

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED
Edge display (curved)
19.3:9 aspect ratio
QHD+ resolution (3,088 x 1,440)
120Hz adaptive refresh rate (1Hz to 120Hz)
240Hz touch sampling rate

ProcessorGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

Google Tensor
Titan M2 security

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

US: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Global: Exynos 2200

RAMGoogle Pixel 6 Pro


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

8GB or 12GB

StorageGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

128, 256, or 512GB
UFS 3.1

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

128GB, 256GB, or 512GB with additional 1TB option
No microSD card support

PowerGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

5,000mAh (typical)
23W wired charging
USB-PD 3.0 (PPS)
23W wireless charging (w/ Pixel Stand)
12W Qi wireless charging
Battery share

No charger in box

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

5,000mAh battery
45W wired charging
15W wireless charging
Reverse wireless charging

No charger in box

CamerasGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

– 50MP main
1.2 μm, ƒ/1.85, 82-degree FoV
1/1.31-inch sensor
– 12MP ultra-wide
1.25 μm, ƒ/2.2, 114-degree FoV
– 48MP telephoto
0.8 μm, ƒ/3.5, 23.5-degree FoV
1/2-inch sensor
4x optical zoom
– Laser AF

– 11.1MP single
1.22 μm, ƒ/2.2, 94-degree FoV

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

– 108MP wide (0.8μm, ƒ2.2, 23mm, 85-degree FoV)
– 12MP ultrawide (1.4μm, ƒ2.2, 13mm, 120-degree FoV)
– 10MP telephoto (1.12μm, ƒ4.9, 230mm, 11-degree FoV, 10x optical zoom)
– 10MP telephoto (1.12μm, ƒ2.4, 69mm, 36-degree FoV, 3x optical zoom)
– Laser autofocus

– 40MP wide (ƒ2.2, 23mm, 80-degree FoV)

VideoGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

4K at 30/60FPS
1080p at 30/60FPS

4K at 30FPS
1080p at 30/60FPS

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

– 8K at 24fps (main lens only)
– 4K at 60fps (all lenses)

– 4K at 60fps

AudioGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

Stereo speakers
Triple mics
No 3.5mm port

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Stereo speakers
Dolby Atmos support
No 3.5mm port

ConnectivityGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax)
Bluetooth 5.2
NFC support
UWB chip

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

5G (mmWave + Sub6)
Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz)
Bluetooth 5.2
NFC support
Ultra-wideband support (UWB)

SecurityGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

In-display fingerprint
Titan M2 chip
5 years security updates

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor
4 x 9mm size
5 years security updates

SoftwareGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

Android 12
Pixel UI

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Android 12
One UI 4.1

S Pen supportGoogle Pixel 6 Pro


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Yes, with storage slot

MaterialsGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

Gorilla Glass Victus front and back

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Gorilla Glass Victus Plus front and back
Armour Aluminum frame

DurabilityGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

IP68 certified

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

IP68 certified

Dimensions and weightGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm

ColorsGoogle Pixel 6 Pro

Stormy Black, Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, Burgundy

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro front on carpet

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We’ve discussed all the key characteristics of both phones and now is the time to address the crucial issue of which one is the best? It all comes down to the features you’d like when you buy your next smartphone. Google’s pricing is competitive by an inch as well as the camera on its Pixel 6 Pro is that it’s a business. The return of glass materials and two-tone designs is another highlight in the history of Google with its new flagships.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only option to consider in case you’ve been waiting for the Galaxy Note 20 replacement. It has an integrated S Pen support with a traditional, boxy design. It also has a larger screen with as much as 1TB of internal storage. It will cost you for the extra storage, however and the most expensive models being more expensive than most laptops. Samsung’s phone has also more performance under the hood as well, and it’s Tensor SoC relies the Google machine learning expertise.

Samsung might have a hardware advantage, but Google’s software is tough to top.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro rear on table
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro

Both cameras are unique to each both with Samsung increasing the number of megapixels available on its primary lens of 108 MP. While Google is the highest at 50MP, Samsung makes up the flaws with its better software for image processing. Samsung also has a better selfie camera with 40MP as opposed to 11.1MP.

There’s also the update and software to take into consideration. Pixel 6 Pixel 6 runs a clean and customizable version of Android that is focused on Google’s own applications. Samsung however, in contrast, utilizes its One UI skin which is often loaded with some bloatware the top. However, you’ll get some features that Google isn’t always able to offer.

For update, Samsung has now four Android versions, compared to Google’s three. You’ll be able to download as high as Android 16 available on Samsung’s Galaxy device, while the Pixel will cease to be available at Android 15. Samsung will be able to keep up by providing five years worth of security updates that Google will match with Google’s Pixel 6 Pro.

Have you decided in your decision on your next phone? Tell us in our poll to the right.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: Which one will you be buying?

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