Samsung Galaxy S21 series hot or not? Here’s how people voted

The Samsung Galaxy S series usually sets the tone for Android flagships launched in a given year. This year, the company made its best contribution with the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

The new galaxies pleasantly surprised us with lower prices. Premium hardware is a given as always, although we’re still testing how well it all comes together.

Unfortunately, the series makes some cuts because there is no expandable memory, a lower screen resolution (on the S21 and S21 Plus) and thinner packaging without a charger or headphones in the box.

While we were working on our review of the Galaxy S21 phones, we asked you to provide us with your thoughts on them based only on what you learned so far. Hot or not? This is how you voted for the Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series: hot or not?


Our Samsung Galaxy S21 Hot or Not poll ran over the Android Authority Website, youtube channel and Twitter account. With almost 32,000 votes, the results are almost split in the middle, but the naysayers have a slight majority.

A total of 51.7% of respondents in our survey agreed that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is not hot. Meanwhile, 48.2% said that it sizzles.

The thin chasm shows that many of you are still on the fence when it comes to the new Samsung flagships. You might be waiting for full reviews of the phones to show up, but the initial mood isn’t that of absolute confidence in the new series.

Your comments

Jimi Mack: No SD card support, no sale for me. I get tired of giving up options and get nothing in return for the victim.

Giles Peach: I really like the regular S21. Speed, waterproof, flat screen, decent battery size, 3 solid cameras (I hope) and a smaller form factor. The matte black looks pretty sexy too.

DBS: The only way plastic phones with no expandable memory, no headphone jack, oversized, low-resolution displays, no charger, holes in the center of the screen, and the same old 12MP approach to cameras, are hot is through the context of a dumpster fire. These have been Samsung’s flagships since the original S10 trio. From there it went downhill.

AnySmarterIdRunLinux: The lack of an SD card is an absolute deal breaker. I wish I had bought the FE from Best Buy on Black Friday. But the lack of a 3.5mm jack stopped me.

fayth: I don’t get it, phones run out of functionality every year, my s10E has a headphone jack and an SD card slot … why should I even consider buying a new phone? The only (probably) meaningful upgrade in the last couple of years is a faster refresh rate and possibly the camera, but phone cameras are always mediocre anyway.

@ Edu_Alvarez1188: Many things have been taken out, but they are still pretty good. Would still prefer if they kept things instead.

@ Adam_Beltran88: I voted hot. BUT! What killed this phone was the lack of an SD card slot … so I’m not getting this phone.

@ BigBoiMoisty: To be honest, I just have the feeling that the Ultra is hot. The rest could have been better if they hadn’t gotten rid of a lot of things.

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