Samsung Galaxy Apps for mobile phones

Samsung Galaxy Apps for mobile phones

Samsung released several smart phones in all different price range under the brand name Galaxy, to be more depth these days all kind of smart phones released by Samsung comes under the brand Galaxy. Galaxy Apps or Samsung Galaxy Apps which is literally knows as Samsung App in the beginning, which is specially developed store, only supports Samsung galaxy smart mobile phones which are developed on the platforms Android, Windows, and Bada. Samsung Galaxy apps store available about 125 countries all over the world.

Below mentioned table describes about the facts of Samsung Galaxy Smart phones

S.NoFacts about Samsung Galaxy Smart PhonesDetailed Explanation
1One among the Greats in Mobile WorldSamsung started in 1938 and throughout those years Samsung has evolved dramatically and reached one of the inevitable kings in the current mobile world. Apart from stepping in to mobiles and electronic, experts from Samsung had invented several things far before this advanced technology inventions. Entire story behind the evolution of Samsung will be quite adventurous and filled with lot of ups and downs.
2Samsung – MeaningThe Founder of Samsung, Lee Byung-Chul named it by picking Korean words SAM – Three and SUNG – stars which is literally known as tri-stars that represents something as Big and powerful.
3First Production of SamsungIn Beginning, Samsung started with 40 employees and involved in noodles productions. But now it own 80 companies and over 370k people employing in Samsung.
4Samsung’s – Electronic InvasionSamsung’s electronic invasion or ambitions began in 1970 concentrated in production of black & White TV. Late in 1986 they moved on to mobile field.
5Samsung’s ShiftIn Samsung’s entire evolutions, they changed their logos only 3 times, and from 1993 its stays fixed. Similarly, from 1993 Samsung path shifted entirely and Samsung products stormed firmly into the markets.

Need of Galaxy Apps

Galaxy Apps is one among those default options in Samsung galaxy smart phone, by which one can able to download all essential apps in the specified version that supports to users mobile models. Having galaxy apps would allow the users to enjoy the services of few premium apps which are paid in other app stores. Apart from that, all default Samsung apps will be downloadable from Samsung galaxy apps.

Top Apps available in Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy apps contains lot of free and paid version of mobile apps, among those some of the top and best selling apps from galaxy apps store are listed below

  1. Angry Birds: One of top playing games by all age group around the world.
  2. Skype: Much needed one for business people and also for people who loves to interact with other often.
  3. You tube: Best place to view videos from all over the world, in simple words it can be named as video’s ocean.
  4. Spark Chess: It is a freely available chess game designed in landscape format, which contains two difficult levels. Normally these landscape game modules are highly usable in tabs.
  5. Kindle of Android: It’s an e-library, which contains thousands of free books; Samsung Galaxy Tab gives the option of ready around 750k books for its users.
  6. NY Times and WSJ (Wall Street Journal): Everybody knows that NY times and WSL are two of the leading US based media publications which is available in Samsung galaxy apps for Samsung smart phone users.

Update on Samsung Galaxy Apps

Recently, Samsung made an official statement of merging Smart Phone apps, Samsung tablet apps and apps for gear smart watches in single stream. With respect to the announcement recent update has been carried out in Samsung Galaxy apps which included Gear Store in it. However, the dedicated Samsung gear app won’t be down from the general app store it will be available and act as the connecting hub for smart watches and smart phones.