Sample Series A pitch deck: BusRight’s $7M deck

When I saw the cover slide for BusRight, I was immediately intrigued. BusRight is a platform that manages school buses, aiming to enhance efficiency and safety. One of its features is the ability for caregivers to track bus locations, along with route-mapping and real-time GPS. Managing a school bus network can be complex, especially in a tech-driven world. Creating tools to address these challenges is crucial. Losing kids on the way home from school is something to be avoided. BusRight saw an opportunity within these difficulties and capitalized on it, resulting in a $7 million cash injection. Explore how BusRight revolutionizes school bus management today!

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Slides in this deck

  1. Cover slide
  2. Go to market slide
  3. Target audience slide
  4. Market size slide
  5. Problem slide
  6. Solution/product slide
  7. Traction slide
  8. Sales process slide
  9. Business model/unit economics slide
  10. Testimonials slide
  11. Sales decision dynamic slide
  12. Growth projection slide
  13. Team slide
  14. Closing/contact slide

Three things to love

BusRight’s pitch deck is flawlessly crafted, tastefully embellished with intricate details. Let’s delve into the highlights:

Great customer slide

It can be tempting to delve into unit economics, growth trajectories, and the brilliance of the solution, overlooking the customer. While some companies may not prioritize customer focus, in this instance, it is a delightful and elegant touch to remind investors how they are positively impacting lives. Explore the profound impact investors can make on customer experiences.Sample Series A pitch deck: BusRight's $7M deck 1

[Slide 3] Hello Derek. Image Credits: BusRight

The slide effectively humanizes the impact of the problem being addressed. While I may not possess extensive knowledge about schools, I can envision the challenges faced by transportation directors in school districts. Their role entails managing the complexities of ensuring punctual bus pickups and drop-offs, despite unforeseen circumstances such as breakdowns, delays, and incidents.

By highlighting the significance of this problem and identifying its affected stakeholders upfront, this strategy proves effective. It underscores the importance of considering the human aspect when crafting a compelling narrative.

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From the fluffy to the hard-hitting

If you found the Derek slide heartwarming, you’re definitely not alone. But if you’re an investor, you’re probably wondering, “Just how many Dereks are there?” Interestingly enough, BusRight provides the answer to that very question on the following slide.

Sample Series A pitch deck: BusRight's $7M deck 2

[Slide 4] Max Derek! Image Credits: BusRight

BusRight could very easily have made this point on Slide 3, but answering the question before anyone has time to ask it?

Wait, I’m in charge of this article. I can insert a literal chef’s kiss. I love my job.

Sample Series A pitch deck: BusRight's $7M deck 3

Carlton Carlson’s chef’s kiss from the Simpsons. Image Credits: “The Simpsons”

Win/win/win — and maybe win?

Highlighting the multifaceted benefits of the BusRight product for children, parents, bus drivers, and the underlying infrastructure not only fosters a positive impression, but also sows the seed of potential investment opportunities. Exceptional work!

Sample Series A pitch deck: BusRight's $7M deck 4

[Slide 6] Bussin’ a move. Image Credits: BusRight

Presenting the value propositions to each stakeholder is an effective way to drive home the point. Adding the “we don’t know how we functioned without it” quote underneath is the perfect finishing touch. It’s so well-executed that it makes me want to invest.

In the following analysis, we will examine three areas where BusRight could have made improvements or taken a different approach. While the initial slides are impressive, the company also made significant mistakes along the way, providing ample opportunities for learning. I am also including the complete pitch deck as an illustrative example.

Three things that could be improved.

Often the issue with a pitch deck lies not in its content, but in what it lacks. When assessing decks for my pitch coaching clients, I follow a checklist, and it turns out that BusRight omitted important details, which likely left investors dissatisfied.