Salesforce creates for profit platform to help governments distribute COVID vaccine when it’s ready – ProWellTech

Salesforce creates for profit platform to help governments distribute COVID vaccine when it’s ready – ProWellTech

For more than 20 years, Salesforce has been selling cloud business software, but it has also used the same platform to create ways to track other items besides sales, marketing, and service information, including, the platform created at early this year to help companies develop and organize a safe way to start returning to work during the pandemic.

Today, the company announced it was putting the same platform to work to help distribute and monitor a vaccine whenever it becomes available along with related materials such as the syringes that will be needed to administer it. The plan is to use Salesforce tools to solve logistical problems related to vaccine distribution, as well as data to understand where it might be needed most and the effectiveness of the drug, according to Bill Patterson, EVP and general manager for CRM applications at Salesforce.

“The next wave of phasing out the virus, if you want, will be [when] a vaccine is on the horizon and we start planning the logistics. Can we plan the orchestration? Can we measure the inventory? We can track the results of the vaccine once it reaches the hands of the public, ”Patterson asked.

Salesforce has put together a new product called for Vaccines to put its platform to work to help answer these questions, which Patterson says ultimately involve logistics and data, two areas that are strengths for Salesforce.

The platform includes’s main command center along with add-ons for inventory management, appointment management, clinical administration, outcome tracking, and public awareness.

While this all sounds good, what Salesforce obviously lacks is experience in drug distribution or public health administration, but the company believes that by creating a flexible platform with open data, government entities can share that data with others. software products outside the Salesforce family.

“That’s why it’s important to use an open data platform that allows aggregated data to be synthesized and abstracted quickly for public use,” he said. He points out that some states use Tableau, the company Salesforce bought last year for $ 15.7 billion, to track other types of COVID data.

“Many states today run all COVID testing and positive case reporting via the Tableau platform. We want to do the same kind of data exchange with things like inventory management. [for a vaccine], “He said.

While this sounds like a type of public service business, Salesforce intends to sell this product to governments to manage vaccines. Patterson says that managing a system like this will be what they imagine will be of enormous scale, will be a service that governments will have to pay to access.

This isn’t the first time Salesforce has created a product that doesn’t somehow fall outside the standard type of business scope, but that leverages the Salesforce platform. Last year he developed a tool to help companies measure how sustainable they are. While the end goal is positive, much like for Vaccines and the broader platform, it is a tool they charge to help companies implement and measure these kinds of initiatives.

The toolset is available starting today. Pricing varies according to the requirements and components of each government entity.

The real question here is whether this type of distribution platform should be built by a private company like Salesforce for profit, or maybe it would be better suited to an open source project., where a community of developers could create the software and distribute it for free.

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