Roborock Labor Day sale discounts S6, S7 robot vacuums

Robot vacuums make keeping the house clean much easier, but they can come at a considerable cost for a quality option. This week, along with the Labor Day holiday, Roborock is discounting its flagship Roborock S7 vacuum and the trusty S6 with sales that cut up to $400 off the price.

Starting with the Roborock S6, this tried-and-true robot vacuum is dropping its price by nearly $300 for the holiday, a discount of over 40%! Through September 6, the vacuum will be available for $379, down from its usual price of $650.

The Roborock S6 is a Google Assistant and Alexa-compatible robot vacuum that can map your home and easily clean the entire place, or the room of your choice by using the app. The vacuum uses sensors to detect the shape of your room and the placement of furniture to create a map. Once created, it will vacuum the room with the best route for a quick and thorough cleaning while using the same sensors to avoid obstacles. You can even edit the map to create virtual “no-go” zones that the vacuum will avoid, or have it store a secondary map of another floor in your home.

The S6 has 2000pa of suction power, more than enough to pick up dust and pet hair. On top of that, though, it also includes a mopping pad that will give the floor a bit of extra cleanliness and catch debris that the vacuum might have missed. When cleaning, the vacuum averages just 67dB of noise, and it can run for up to three hours on a single charge, plenty of time to clean an entire home. Should it run out of juice mid-cleaning, the vacuum will go back to base on its own and recharge before continuing.

Meanwhile, the Roborock S7 takes things up a notch when it comes to cleaning your home. It features stronger 2500pa suction, support for an optional auto-empty dock, and a new brush design that’s less likely to get tangled in long hairs.

The real secret weapon of the S7, though, is its mop, which has a “sonic” design. The mop vibrates back and forth very quickly to actively scrub your floors. That means it can effectively clean up dried mud and other debris. Plus, when it detects carpet nearby, it will lift up that mop so the wet cloth isn’t touching your carpet.

To help fill the gaps, the Roborock H6 is a handheld, battery-powered vacuum with suction and attachments that a floor robot vacuum just can’t match. This includes a carpet brush, motorized mini-brush, dusting brush, and a flex tube for reaching high places. There’s also a crevice attachment ideal for cleaning out couch cushions or little corners in which your robot vacuum can’t fit.

The Roborock H6 has a wall-mounted dock that holds up all of the attachments and charges the vacuum, which is rated for up to 90 minutes of continuous use. There’s also an optional self-standing dock that can do the same thing. All of the dustbins and filters are also removable and washable.

Until September 6, Roborock is selling the S7 robot vacuum and H6 handheld vacuum for $749 together, a total savings of almost $400. These Labor Day sales are only available for a limited time, so head over to Roborock if you want to take full advantage.

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