Ring to offer opt-in end-to-end encryption for videos beginning later this year – TechCrunch

Ring to offer opt-in end-to-end encryption for videos beginning later this year – TechCrunch

ring will intensify efforts to keep its security products safe for users by enabling end-to-end video encryption later this year. The company will post this switch on a new page in the Control Center of the Tits app, which will provide more information on Ring’s current encryption practices and measures to ensure the security of user videos until the end-to-end encryption feature is enabled. Ring is also dumping a slew of new devices today – including its first drone – but Ring CEO and Founder Jamie Siminoff says this new security measure could actually make the biggest difference for its customers.

“[End-to-end encryption] could be our most important product we bring to market as security, privacy and user control are fundamental to Ring and continue to drive them further than even the industry and even the res are driving the industry. I think we are responsible for that. “

Siminoff also notes that Ring earlier this year introduced mandatory two-factor authentication, which goes beyond the standard industry-wide. I asked him why not have end-to-end encryption enabled for videos by default, with an opt-out option instead when users think they don’t want to participate.

“As you know, privacy is really individual – we see people have different needs,” he said. Just one example of end-to-end is that when you enable it you won’t be able to use your Alexa to say “show me who’s at the front door” as it’s end-to-end Button acts. Once you do something like this it would actually break what you are trying to achieve. So it’s really something optional as it doesn’t suit every user in terms of the way they want to use the product. But there are some users who really want that kind of security. I think what you will see from us in the future, and I hope the industry, too, really allows people to dial in the security they want and have transparency, which is also what is happening with the Video Control Center that we launched today to give you the knowledge of what is happening to your data, in this case with ring videos. “

Overall, Siminoff hopes that with all of its products, the company can give its users the ability to create the system they want to use, the way they want to use it. The Alway Home Cam drone is another expression of this as it has the potential to monitor every room in your home – but also the ability to selectively decide when and where.

“I think it’s just about developing the options that will allow people to use technology – but comfortably use, understand and control,” he said.

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