How to reset windows phone?

How to reset windows phone?

Reset windows phone: A lot of times we might need to reset our windows mobile device. The Windows phones, be it Windows 10 or Windows 8, has very rare issues of device lag. But sometimes, you might see that the phone storage has a folder called “others”.

This folder contains some additional but unknown data that consumes a lot of memory. You cannot just delete the data from the phone, not even by connecting the device with PC. Under such circumstances you will have to reset thee device.

Here in this article, we will bring you the complete step by step details to reset/hard reboot windows phone. The steps are really easy.

But before you start the process of reset/reboot, know that the phone will be back to the condition you first bought it. All the personal content, apps, contacts (if they are in the phone memory) and data in phone memory will be erased. You can back up the files, data, apps, text messages and photos within your Microsoft account in cloud storage. Let us now have a look at the steps.

  • The first step is to go to the home page and then tap on the “Settings”.
  • Then scroll down below and go to the “About” option.
  • Here you will find the option of “Reset your device/phone”.
  • Click on the “Reset your phone” option. Now you will get two warnings. If you are absolutely sure that you want to reset your phone, then you have to agree with both the warnings. Click on “yes” both the times and the process will start.
  • It might take some time for the process to start. And when it starts, the phone will restart for a few times, let the process work. The reset process is automatic.

Now, if you have to reset an unresponsive Windows 10 device, you cannot do that within your phone. Because you cannot reach up to the “settings” option. So you have to do that from outside. Here are the steps to do that.

  • You have to press the Volume down button and Power button simultaneously. Keep pressing them both till the moment you feel a vibration. You have to hold it for 10-15 seconds mostly.
  • After you feel the vibration, release both buttons. Then instantly press and hold the Volume button till you see an exclamation mark.
  • When that mark appears, press the following buttons in this order:

Volume up (+)

Volume Down (-)


And Volume down again (-)

Your phone will start the restart process automatically and it will take a while to finish. That’s it. This method is applicable for both the Windows 10 and 8 devices.


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