A Google Pixel Watch hangs from a stationary bike displaying the Classic watch face.

Update, May 30, 2023 (03:46 PM ET): We’ve updated the Google Pixel Watch 2 rumor hub with a leak about the Pixel Watch 2’s processor and battery life.

Original article: After years of rumors and speculation, the Google Pixel Watch hit wrists to mixed reviews. Some details, like unique Fitbit integration and a minimalist design, knocked it out of the park. Others, like disappointing battery life, rang up short. Now just months later, we’re already looking ahead to the next season of potentially exciting wearable launches. Most importantly, we’re eager to see Google drop a second generation of its very first smartwatch to see if it can polish up the rough edges. Stay tuned to hear everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch 2 and find out what features we are most hopeful to see for the search giant’s next attempt.

Will there be a Google Pixel Watch 2?

Set Up Pixel Watch

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Ever since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, the Wear OS landscape has been an exciting market to watch. Samsung kept its foot on the gas with the Galaxy Watch 5, and other companies, such as Fossil, have scrambled to keep up. When the first Pixel Watch finally landed in the fray, we accepted Google’s smartwatch as an imperfect but promising first attempt. You can read our full Pixel Watch review for all of our in-depth analysis, but the overall takeaway is that we were left with an expectation that Google is just getting started.

Though rumors have been scant, we fully expect to see a Pixel Watch 2 in the not-to-distant future. For starters, the lineup stands out among Wear OS-based wearables with a streamlined, Google-centric user experience and unique Fitbit integration. As such, it’s already a popular device with plenty of market value despite its shortcomings. Additionally, activity in the Fitbit stable suggests Google may be moving more of its chips into the Pixel Watch pot. For example, Fitbit’s smartwatches no longer offer third-party app support, further elevating the value of a true smartwatch experience paired with Fitbit tracking features.

Respected leaker Evan Blass tweeted an image containing the words “Pixel Watch 2” on May 9. It’s unclear if this image was derived from an official source. Nevertheless, this is as close as we’ve gotten to a Pixel Watch 2 confirmation given Blass’s reliability. Check out the image below.

Pixel Watch 2 Evan Blass Twitter

A report from 9to5Google in late May that details some of the Pixel Watch 2’s specs also appears to confirm that Google is working on a sequel to its smartwatch.

When is the Google Pixel Watch 2 release date?

A Google Pixel Watch rests on a desktop calendar.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

  • Google Pixel Watch: October 2022

The most popular smartwatch lineups, such as the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch, release a new generation annually. This timeframe allows companies to bring the best tech to users’ wrists in a timely enough fashion to stay relevant. Given that we’ve seen just one generation of Pixel Watch so far, we can only make assumptions, but we hope to see Google follow the same pattern.

A report from 9to5Google suggests the annual pattern could apply to the Pixel Watch. The outlet’s source claims Google’s smartwatch will launch along with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. This is something that we suspected may happen, but hearing this rumor makes us more confident.

October is the time when Google typically launches its Pixel phones. So we can safely say there’s a good chance the Pixel Watch 2 will echo the first generation with an October launch.

What Google Pixel Watch 2 features can we expect to see?


A Google Pixel Watch displays the Google Assistant.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The aesthetic of the original Pixel Watch was one of the most widely celebrated aspects of the device. Thanks to years of teases and leaks, shoppers were aware of what to expect, but the first Google watch delivered an even better experience in person. We don’t anticipate Google fixing something that isn’t broken, so it’s very likely the next generation will share the same modern, minimalistic look.

Most likely, the Pixel Watch 2 will bring back a domed display (perhaps with thinner bezels), a rotating digital crown, and unobtrusive band mechanisms. We expect the same or better durability specs, and, of course, below the glass, we can be certain the Pixel Watch 2 will still run on the Wear OS platform. It’s possible that it could even ship with Wear OS 4. Within a clean, Google-forward user experience, we’re counting on the return of customizable tiles, integrated Fitbit apps, and extensive third-party app support.

Health and fitness tracking

A Google Pixel Watch displays a user's Fitbit Active Zone Minutes.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

As mentioned, rumors are minimal so far about what we can expect from the Pixel Watch 2. As far as fitness tracking goes, all signs point to the continued integration of Fitbit’s tool kit and companion app. The watch will almost certainly track basic stats, including steps, floors, and distance, as well as Active Zone Minutes, calories, and heart rate. It should also continue to access Fitbit’s impressive sleep-tracking platform, plus more tools and features with a Fitbit Premium account.

Sensor-wise, the sequel will likely retain a built-in GPS, accelerometer, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, and Fitbit’s ECG app, as well as an SpO2 sensor that’s hopefully active from the start this go around. 9to5Google‘s late May report seems to further support this belief. We found both the GPS accuracy and heart rate tracking of the original watch reliable enough for the average user in our testing; we expect similar performance on the next iteration.

As always, we’ll update this rumor hub as more information leaks about the Google Pixel Watch 2. In the meantime, we’re crossing our fingers that speculation doesn’t carry on for years as it did before the original’s launch.


As mentioned earlier, 9to5Google‘s report from late May gave us some information about the specs of the Pixel Watch 2. Based on the leak, Google could swap out the Exynos processor with a chip from the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 series. This could be the standard Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 SoC, or it could be the Snapdragon W5 Plus Gen 1. The chip is said to be 4nm with four A53 cores at 1.7GHz with dual Adreno 702 GPUs.

Along with the chip, the leak suggests the Pixel Watch 2 could have significantly better battery life than the original. It’s not expected that the battery will be any bigger, but the Snapdragon SoC’s energy efficiency will play a big role in battery life. The outlet’s sources claim Google is seeing over a day of usage even with always-on display enabled.

What will the Google Pixel Watch 2 price be?

A Google Pixel Watch rets on a yoga mat, displaying a user's activity stats on a default watch face.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Google priced the first Pixel Watch at $349.99 for a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi base model, plus $50 more for an LTE version. This price tag crept the Pixel Watch right into the middle of some of the year’s top wearables, including the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Galaxy Watch 5. At the time, we found the pricing somewhat aggressive, given the shortcomings of the first-generation device.

On the next iteration, our expectation is that Google will work through some of the last one’s kinks. In all likelihood, it will launch a significantly more powerful smartwatch. Barring a huge economic shift or a dramatic change to the wearable’s feature set, we’d expect a second-generation Pixel Watch to cost right around the same amount. If the company adds alternate case sizes to its lineup, prices will likely vary by size too.

Google Pixel Watch 2: What we want to see

Significantly better battery life… please

A Google Pixel Watch rests on its side display the Battery Saver confirmation screen.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

It’s hard to discuss the Pixel Watch without lamenting its well-documented battery woes. We may have set our expectations too high, given the impressive specs offered by alternative Fitbit devices. However, the fact remains that the Pixel Watch battery barely makes it a full day between charges, and that is terribly inconvenient.

For anyone interested in sleep tracking, a disciplined charging routine is crucial. Surprisingly, the first generation also isn’t compatible with Qi-certified chargers and can’t utilize reverse wireless charging from a Pixel phone.

Improvements to battery life and more versatile charging compatibility would elevate the Pixel Watch 2 significantly. Whether this comes from upgrades to the battery itself or internal adjustments such as a new SoC, improved power management is at the top of our Pixel Watch 2 wishlist.

Health and fitness tracking headway

A user takes an ECG reading on their Google Pixel Watch.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Thanks to the Fitbit platform, the original Pixel Watch offers a decent tracking experience for the average user. On the other hand, it’s priced high enough to warrant an ever richer feature set. Smartwatches at this tier offer more advanced tools, such as temperature sensors, continuous SpO2 monitoring, and finely-detailed workout data. The original Pixel Watch doesn’t even offer automatic workout detection on the wrist.

More importantly, brands like Apple, Samsung, and Garmin continue to push the envelope on what can be housed within the wearable form factor. We are desperate to see Google (or anyone for that matter) bring something cutting-edge to users’ wrists in the wellness sphere.

Design detail tweaks (including a secondary case size)

A Google Pixel Watch rests along side its USB-C charging cable.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

We really hope to see Google release the Pixel Watch 2 in multiple sizes. More specifically, we’d like to see a larger option, and, if possible, one with smaller bezels. The current 41mm case is on the petite side, especially for those of us who prefer bulky wristwear.

The current generation is also only available in three case colors: Champagne Gold, Matte Black, or Polished Silver. Though you can’t see the metallic back very easily thanks to the domed display, more color options are always welcome. Just imagine scrolling menus with a dark green or deep blue digital crown.

Of course, a colorful case needs pairing with an attractive band, and, in that department, Google offers versatility. We’d just be grateful to see a less finicky band-removal process for switching up our looks.

That’s everything we want to see from the Google Pixel Watch 2. Which features do you hope for most?

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