Realme is now ahead of former parent Oppo in India

Realme 7 5g phone


  • Realme is now ahead of Stablemate and former parent company Oppo in the Indian market.
  • The former Oppo subsidiary shipped 4.9 million units in the second quarter of 2021, compared to Oppo’s 3.8 million.

Realme was originally a brand owned by Oppo announcement It was an independent company and has recently grown closer to its stable mates. Regardless of its ties to Oppo and the BBK conglomerate, the company has seen strong growth in recent years, particularly in India.

In fact, tracking firm Canalys has just released its second quarter 2021 report for India, which shows that Realme now has more market share in the region than big brother Oppo. More specifically, Realme shipped 4.9 million units in the quarter, while Oppo sold 3.8 million units. This puts the newer BBK brand in fourth place compared to Oppo’s fifth place.

This suggests that Realme’s value-driven strategy is generating huge dividends in the price-sensitive Indian market. The company has launched bang-for-buck devices such as the Realme 7 and 8 series, the Narzo series, the C series and the X series.

India Q2 2021 Canalys

Looking at the Indian market as a whole for the quarter, Canalys found smartphone shipments increased 87% year over year but declined 13% year over year. The first number is due to a two-month shutdown a year ago, while the quarterly decline is due to the second wave of COVID-19 in the region.

Xiaomi held the top position with 9.5 million devices shipped (29% market share), followed by Samsung with 5.5 million phones shipped (17%). Vivo was just a hair behind Samsung with 5.4 million units shipped (17%), which rounded out the podium. Realme and Oppo completed the top 5.

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Canalys research analyst Jash Shah said companies that were making a splash in the online space made big numbers this quarter.

“Xiaomi has actually increased its online business despite the overall sequential decline, mainly thanks to the Redmi Note 10 series,” explained Shah. “Realme also saw some online momentum, particularly with its Narzo 30 series, as it took advantage of price cuts on ‘branded days’ to overtake Oppo.”

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