Read for cheap: Get 3 months of Scribd for just $15

Read for cheap: Get 3 months of Scribd for just $15



If you’re a voracious reader, your hobby can be a drain on your wallet if you pay like some kind of sucker for every book. There are also local ones Librarybut then you also have to deal with loan periods where you can’t always read at your own pace. This is why I loved Scribd, which gives you unlimited access to a large catalog of books for one low price per month – specifically $ 10. From now through Monday August 10th, you can snap three months of Scribd for a total of $ 15 If you sign up for a new subscription, you will receive a 50% discount.

A Scribd subscription includes unlimited access to thousands of e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and even sheet music, as well as personalized recommendations should you need suggestions on the go. Don’t want to jump in with both feet before you can look around first? No problem: Scribd is an open book, if you’ll excuse the expression. You can review Scribd’s selections before subscribing – easy Go to ScribdClick the menu icon in the top left corner and browse or search to see what the site has to offer.

Another thing: Scribd members also get access to even more premium content thanks to Scribd Perks, which gives them unlimited access to a range of other services including Pandora, TuneIn, CuriosityStream and others. In all honesty, if you use a few of these – or consider trying them out – Scribd literally pays off.

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