Qualcomm wants to build a fan community with Snapdragon Insiders

Qualcomm Snapdragon Insider

  • Snapdragon Insiders is an official community initiative for fans who want to dig deeper into Qualcomm’s technologies.
  • The company plans monthly “drops” with freebies, access to experts, master classes and access to backstage events.
  • Snapdragon Insider can be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit.

As you read this, I’m not going to pat myself on the back too much to suspect that you’re a tech enthusiast? But do you also long for a closer look at the technologies that power your phone’s cameras and gaming features? Do you prefer your smartphone with Snapdragon over another chipset? If so, you might be interested in Qualcomm’s newly announced Snapdragon Insiders community initiative.

Snapdragon Insiders, a passion project from Qualcomm’s new CEO Cristiano Amon, aims to bring fans together and take them behind the scenes with Snapdragon and show what it can do. It is planned to reward the community with first-hand information, closer access and monthly “drops”. This includes “Access Drops” ranging from group interactions with Qualcomm technology experts to access to merch and backstage events. “Passion Drops” will include activities and even master classes that will focus on games, photography, music, and more. Finally, Tech Drops will contain freebies, messages, and other announcements.

Like all backbone tech vendors, Qualcomm is often overshadowed by the marketing efforts of its device manufacturers. With Snapdragon Insiders, the company can connect more directly with fans who are interested in the underlying technology of our phones and other devices. As with all community efforts, the success of Snapdragon Insiders depends on Qualcomm’s consistently delivering quality content to its fans.

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Snapdragon Insiders was created after a particularly strong community engagement with Qualcomm last year. The company received 27 million views at the 2020 Snapdragon Tech Summit virtual and submitted 300,000 photos for its # ShotOnSnapdragon Photography Challenges. And let’s not forget the impromptu petition to bring Samsung Galaxy smartphones with Snapdragon technology to Europe. Qualcomm also wants to work closely with established smartphone communities, such as those of its partners OnePlus and Xiaomi.

If you are interested, China, India, Germany and the US are Qualcomm’s first target markets. You can log into SnapdragonInsiders.com or follow one of the Snapdragon Insider channels on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even Reddit. See the graphic below for details. A special community forum is also planned for the coming months.

Snapdragon Insider Channels

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