Protect your AirPods: 5 cases under $15

Protect your AirPods: 5 cases under $15

Your AirPods came with a convenient little pouch that protects the earbuds while charging and storing. I dropped mine while I was literally standing on a ladder (don’t ask) and the AirPods got through unscathed. But what protects the case itself? It will survive a lot of spills, but one day you will drop your AirPods at the right angle so that the case disassembles quickly and accidentally. If you are concerned about this possibility, you may want to move your case into a separate case. Here is a collection of cases that I chose for budget – you can purchase any of these cases for less than $ 15.


The AirPods case is fairly sturdy at first, so for security reasons it doesn’t have to be kept in a sturdy case with Mil specification – a thin layer of silicone should be enough. There are many cases like this under $ 10 or so that include a dust cover for the charging port, let the LED shine through, and have a loop for a D-ring, but it’s also water-resistant, which could happen practically on the beach or in the Stand over the sink.


In a way, the Mobosi Military AirPods case cover is pretty typical – it’s a rubberized case that you slide over your AirPods case, and it comes with a secure D-ring holder. But the beautiful diagonal ribbing gives this case a military atmosphere and contributes to the grip at the same time.

This $ 15 case is currently available for a 5% discount if you click on the coupon on the product page.


Most cases are very functional – just impact-resistant cases for your AirPods case. But we need a bit of a mood in our lives, so I love this surprisingly detailed mini car. The headlights and taillights glow in the dark, and the solid silicone shape means it’s just as shock absorbing as flubber. Despite its shape, it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.


Your AirPods Pro can be slid into this silicone case, which is available in over a dozen colors. The LED charging light is visible, the housing does not interfere with wireless charging and the whole thing is waterproof.


Most cases are soft, rubberized silicone, but the Ztotop case for AirPods Pro is a combination of silicone and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), resulting in an impact-resistant hard shell. The top of the cover is attached to the hinged cover of the housing with adhesive. The D-ring is attached to a hard part of the housing. It is open at the bottom to allow wired charging and does not interfere with wireless charging.

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