Key Takeaways:

  • Proctored exams mean exams conducted under supervision.
  • Online proctoring could involve AI monitoring, device lockdown, or live supervision.
  • Some software tools for online proctoring are – Proctorio, Honorlock, ProctorExam, Proctortrack, and Mercer Mettl.

“If there’s one thing I never liked while proctoring exams, it is a student who thinks he can cheat and get away with it.”(Anonymous teacher)

Without exams, there could be no right judgment of the student’s learning, coursework, and teaching methods.

This makes proctored exams an essential part of learning success, especially when it comes to standardized testing.

But what is the proctored definition? And how do you use it in online exams?

In this blog, I will cover the meaning of such exams, software tools to conduct them online, and ways to prevent student cheating.

Proctored Exam Meaning

What is a proctored exam? It simply refers to an “exam conducted under supervision.”

The supervision can be provided by a human proctor or by software, depending on whether the exam is being conducted offline or online.

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What is a Proctor for Exam?

Once you have known the proctored definition, you might ask the next question – who is the proctor for exam?

Well, he/she is the supervisor of an exam and performs the following functions:

  • Authenticate students’ IDs and biometrics.
  • Ensures that all instructions are followed throughout the exam duration.
  • Keep track of time.
  • Prevent proctored exam cheating.

Therefore, the proctor for exam has to ensure that testing is done fairly, thereby helping in the achievement of educational goals for schools.

Proctored Exams vs Non-Proctored Exams

The proctored definition can also be understood by looking at the nature of supervised and unsupervised exams.

Proctored ExamsNon-proctored Exams
Involves a supervisorDoes not involve a supervisor
Generally involve questions related to memoryGenerally involve questions related to problem-solving and critical thinking
Textbooks are not allowedTextbooks might be allowed
More likely to be offlineMore likely to be online
Example: Medical examsExample: Engineering exams

On most university portals, like KSU D2L, TTU Blackboard, and GBC Blackboard, online exams are being conducted. The offline proctored exams will soon be considered outdated.

Proctored Exam Online

If you wonder about the meaning of the online proctored exam, it is the same as the offline ones. The only difference is that in the online format, the proctor is either the software or a human using the software.

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Types of Online Proctoring

The proctored exam online generally requires students to download proctoring software to their devices. It could perform any of the following functions:

  • Monitoring: It could monitor the behavior of test takers through recording video, audio, and/or their touch patterns.
  • Lockdown: This type of tech simply locks down other activities on the student’s device during the exam.
  • Live supervision: A human supervisor would be monitoring the students through live video recording.
  • Blended: A combination of any two of the above methods.

How Online Proctoring Works?

The proctored exam online works with a few easy steps for the teachers.

  • The teacher creates an exam on the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • He/she then enables the required features available for online supervision.
  • They then develop rules for the proctored tests and release them on the student information system.
  • On the day of the exam, the students can then easily log into their portal and launch the exam.
  • If the software detects a possible case of proctored exam cheating, it may alert the teacher.
  • The teachers may also download the exam supervision report of every student from the software to identify cases of unfair practices.

Thus, if you are a teacher who is unsure about what is a proctored test online, you only need to follow the above steps to ensure a smooth examination experience.

Benefits of Online Proctored Exams

There are a number of benefits to conducting online proctored exams instead of the offline format.

  • Reduced testing costs.
  • Minimization of proctored exam cheating
  • Fulfill standards for receiving federal funding.
  • Bypass geographical barriers for test takers.
  • Teachers get more time to teach instead of administering exams.
  • Improved testing procedures for scoring, record keeping, and publishing results.

Therefore, proctored exams online can essentially help universities make their testing procedures more efficient and authentic.

Software Tools for Online Proctoring

After understanding the online proctor exam meaning, the next step is to look at the software tools that support such supervision functions.

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Below are some of the popular tools for proctored exams online.

Software ToolFeaturesPrices
ProctorioProctoring algorithmLockdown browserIntegration with LMSContent protectionPlagiarism detection$3-5 per exam
HonorlockBehavior monitoringDetection of cell phone useBrowser lockdownIdentify leaked test questionsSupports live proctoringDetect voices$4.45 per exam
ProctorExamCustomizable proctoring solutionsDeep identity verificationOrganizes large-scale assessmentsLive proctoring and screen monitoringDual mobile viewCustom pricing
ProctortrackStudent data encryption and securityProctoring with AINo need for human interventionHigh-quality quick reportsIntegration with almost every LMS platform$6 per test
Mercer MettlSelf-service portalReference and plagiarism checkerMultiple authentications points24/7 customer supportMobile device detectionWorkflow managementChoice within AI and manual proctoringPersonalized Pricing Plans

Such exam supervision tools are effective in preventing students from unblurring Course Hero or using Homeworkify and its alternatives to write exam answers.

Who Can Use Online Proctoring Tools?

Online proctoring tools can be used by anyone who wishes to conduct standardized tests on a group of people. It can be used by:

  • Schools conducting end-of-year examinations.
  • Higher education institutions that wish to conduct entrance tests and annual exams.
  • Coaching institutions that are willing to prepare students for entrance tests.
  • Private and public organizations that want to conduct exams for recruiting from a large pool of candidates.

Hence, you only need to identify your own examination requirements and budget and match them with the available tools.

How to Prevent Cheating in Online Proctored Exams?

Apart from using invasive software tools for proctoring, you may also use some simple techniques to prevent proctored exam cheat.

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Some of the techniques to prevent cheating are:

  • Setting exam timer: The exam timers can reduce cheating instances as students will have limited time to give answers.
  • Question randomization: If each student receives a different set of questions, the chances of sharing and copying will be much lower.
  • Non-memory-based questions: It is easy to cheat on questions based on rote learning. However, students can not cheat on questions that are based on critical thinking, problem-solving, case studies, persuasive essay topics, and higher creativity.

Therefore, if a student wishes to do a proctored exam, you can prevent it by using the above techniques.

To Sum it Up

Hence, the teachers can handle what is proctored exam, or what does proctored mean. They only need to find the right software tool and integrate it with their LMS for students. Alternatively, they can also choose to randomize test questions for every student and ask critical thinking and problem-solving questions.


Ans: Using phones or listening devices, communicating with someone else, or leaving the room in the middle of a proctored exam are not allowed.

Ans: Proctored exams collect private data of students generally without their consent, which is their major disadvantage.

Ans: During a proctored exam online, you may go to the bathroom, but the timer will keep running, and you will not be allowed to take any personal belongings with you.

Ans: Yes, proctored exam software tools can detect any additional device that is present in your room.

Ans: If your internet is interrupted during an exam, you might need to immediately connect with the proctor or exam coordinators and do what they instruct.

Ans: As long as a proctor does not hear you, you can talk to yourself during the exam.