It’s Amazon Prime Day, it’s Walmart’s rival Deals for Days Sale, and it’s Target Deal Days too. Despite this somewhat awkward name, there is a lot of good tech up for grabs!

The most necessary:

  • Here is Android Authority Constantly updated page with the best Amazon Prime Day deals, including the top 10 deals currently taking place.
  • That list includes, as I write, three smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy S21 for $ 599.99 ($ ​​200), the Galaxy S20 FE for $ 479 ($ 220.99), and the OnePlus 8 for $ 349 ($ 350 off).
  • Other great deals: Sony WH-1000XM4 for $ 248 ($ 92 off), a Fitbit Charge 4 for $ 99.95 ($ 50 off), and a Fire TV Stick 4K for $ 24.99 – Dollars ($ 25 off).
  • There’s a lot going on for if you’re also an AirPods person or know someone who is, including $ 60 off the AirPods Pro.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite also drops to a new low of $ 80 on Prime Day, a full $ 50 off, while the Oasis is $ 75 – compare what’s right for you here.
  • I have a feeling most of these, especially the Sony XM4s and Roborock offerings, will be ridiculously popular.


My colleague Dhruv Bhutani had Oppo’s roll-up phone, the Oppo X 2021, for what he says was far too short a time.

Why? Well, Dhruv believes that this form factor, rather than foldable displays, is the best expandable display technology:

  • “I must have rolled up the display at least a hundred times in the two days I’ve been using the phone. The mere act of rolling out a display and stretching the canvas is magical. I just couldn’t get enough of watching the transformation as the content flowed seamlessly and adjusted to the new dimensions. Oppo’s fantastic transitional animations will help, and even a few minutes with the Oppo X 2021 are enough to convince you that rolling displays are more than a proper party trick. ”
  • Great praise!
  • Read his full article just published and decide for yourself: Oppo’s roll-up phone is pure magic and I can’t wait to buy one.

📉 The rise and fall of Oxygen OS(Android authority).

📶 A strange SSID (“% p% s% s% s% s% n”) can turn off Wi-Fi functionality on an iPhone, which is funny and weird! It also can’t be fixed with a reboot, but a full network settings reset will do the job, although it’s a hassle (Android authority). Here is the technical explanation (

🔜 As of late last week: A Sony Xperia phone went through the FCC, suggesting the upcoming release of the Xperia 1 III or Xperia 5 III in the US (Android authority).

🦊 Mozilla wants you to avoid buying three “scary” gadgets on Prime Day 2021: Amazon’s Echo Dot Smart Speakers, Ring Doorbells and Cameras, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (Android authority)

🌡 Speaking of which: The Texan electricity providers have remotely increased the temperatures on the residents’ intelligent thermostats to up to 25 ° C in order to reduce the load on the power grid, which is suffering again after the winter outages and unsettling everyone involved (Gizmodo).

📺 How Roku used the Netflix playbook to beat bigger players and rule streaming videos (CNBC).

📺 With that in mind: The US has new TV ratings. Nielsen’s new approach called “The Gauge” is endorsed by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and shows us that while Netflix and YouTube are way ahead of their digital competitors, people still spend more time watching cable and network television (New York Times).

⌚ Apple Watch accessory maker Wristcam brings in $ 25 million: it makes a bracelet that can capture 4K images and record 1080p video for $ 300. I’m not sure I get it, but it’s an interesting space (TechCrunch).

🔋 Porsche will build a high-performance battery factory in Germany for 2024, but what is unusual is that it is about high-performance, not series production (Ars-Technica).

📌 People keep finding loved ones who have passed away on Google Maps: some find it calming, some find it scary (Vox).

👉 Interesting, long interview with Jim Keller, known as a key chip designer at Apple, AMD, Tesla and recently Intel and now Tenstorrent (AnandTech).

💰 The Lazarus Raid: How North Korea Nearly Pulled A Billion Dollar Hack – A long read taken from a 10-episode podcast on the BBC World Service that you might also be interested in (BBC).

⚛ “Atomically thin” transistors could help make electronic skins a reality (Engage).

☄ A big surprise comes for the night sky: An “extremely eccentric” minor planet (dwarf?) Will visit the inner solar system this decade and the orbit of Saturn will come to 11 AU or equivalent! (New atlas). Check the infectious post on the Minor Planet mailing list (

🤔 “What do you think about parallel universes?” (R / askreddit).

🎨 That’s fun too: “Home Depot color mixer from Reddit, what was the strangest thing you ever color-matched?” (R / askreddit) (eyes, cats, chocolate milkshakes …)

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