Presidential debate 2020 memes: ‘Worse than a Real Housewives reunion’

Presidential debate 2020 memes: ‘Worse than a Real Housewives reunion’


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This story is part of 2020 elections, CNET’s coverage of the November vote preparations.

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden walked in sequence the minute the chaotic first presidential debate of 2020 began Tuesday night at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Host Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, tried to keep order as the candidates battled over their records Coronavirus pandemic, the economy, race and urban violence and the integrity of the elections.

Fight night

It wasn’t long before the candidates began to interrupt and talk to each other. Viewers quickly likened the event to the infamous fights and pointing fingers that take place in the Real Housewives reality TV franchise, particularly during the reunion shows.

“That’s ridiculous,” wrote one Twitter user. “These two are worse than a real housewife fight. ‘

What is worse?

“I was in a car accident, that’s worse,” wrote one Twitter user.

Greatest mask ever

Of course, the coronavirus outbreak sparked heated debates, with Biden accusing the president of not doing enough to protect the nation, and the president once saying Biden “shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen”. The mask comment caught the attention of social media commentators in particular.

“Where can I order the biggest mask you’ve ever seen?” asked a Twitter user.

‘Shut up’

At one point, Biden asked the President, “Are you going to shut up, man?” And this phrase has caught on on social media.

Even the President’s former opponent, Hillary Clinton, weighed in.

Where’s Zoom When You Need It?

Many viewers compared the night to a runaway Zoom meeting in dire need of a mute button.

“$ 10 that Chris Wallace will request the next debate on Zoom so he can press the mute button,” wrote a Twitter user.


It is fair to say that the response to the unprecedented evening was equally unprecedented.

Jake Tapper said on CNN, “It was a hot mess, in a dumpster fire, in a train wreck. That was the worst debate I’ve ever seen. In fact, it wasn’t even a debate. It was a shame.”

And CNN’s Dana Bash added, “I’ll just say it as it is. That was a shit show.”

Tuesday’s debate is the first of three, with the next event on October 15 in Miami and the third and final presidential debate on October 22 in Nashville. A Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris is scheduled for October 7th in Salt Lake City.

“I can’t believe there are two more of them,” wrote comedian and political commentator Bill Maher. “It’s like a sequel to Cats.”

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