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Analogous has repeatedly proven that it is the gold standard for retro games and provides extremely reliable but modern hardware for playing original NES, SNES, Sega tapes and more. The company introduced its upcoming analog bag last October. Now there are pre-orders for the portable classic console that can instantly play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games, and with even more, classic handheld game systems work through adapters.

The analog bag can be pre-ordered on August 3 from 8:00 AM PST (11:00 AM EST) for $ 199.99. However, the actual shipping date is still a while later: Analog estimates that the hardware will actually be delivered to customers from May 2021. This is due to “the unfortunate global state of affairs and supply chain challenges that are beyond our control. “According to the company, they are hardly the only indie hardware outfit that is feeling the crisis of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on technology suppliers.

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The good news is that the bag will almost certainly deliver the goods as long as you are patient. Analog is not new to this area as several products have been successfully delivered in the past, including the Nt mini, the Super Nt and the Mega Sg. Each of them has more than fulfilled its promises and offers fantastic performance when it comes to it is going to bring classic games to modern TVs and displays – without relying on emulation.

The analog bag has changed a bit since it was launched last year. The start and select button is located on the bottom of the front of the device. This is a design change that, according to the company, is designed for “optimal comfort”. The dock, which allows you to connect the Pocket to your TV for a big screen gaming experience, now also has a recessed USB-C port to make the connection more stable.

In terms of combining classic gameplay with modern amenities, Analogue has developed Pocket with a sleep and wake function that is much more than what you would expect from today’s smartphones and tablets: press the on / off switch once and the console changes in a low state. Power Suspended State – Press it again and it wakes up right where you left off. This is a great advantage for games that often lack their own internal storage mechanisms.

Credit: Analogous

The analog dock ($ 99.99) supports up to four controllers simultaneously, either via cable, Bluetooth, or wireless 2.4 GHz connectivity. You can also use separately available multilink cables to connect up to four pockets for local multiplayer actions.

Analog also offers a number of other accessories for the bag, including a transparent hard case for storage and transport, a USB-C quick charging block, adapters for compatibility with Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx games, plus MIDI and analog sync cables for connection to Mac, PC and music peripherals for use with the company’s Nanoloop music creation software.

Credit: Analogous

The company also introduced several new software features for the Pocket, including “Original Display Modes”, which faithfully represent the displays (quirks and all) of the original hardware consoles of these games, if available. The display itself is made of Gorilla Glass for added durability and offers variable refresh rates and a custom 360-degree rotation control.

Analogue Pocket has a built-in 4,300 mAh battery that offers between 6 and 10 hours of play and over 10 hours of sleep when not in use.

This definitely looks like Analogue’s most impressive product to date and one that will be truly amazing for portable console games.

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