Porsche’s newest app lets buyers track the progress of their 911 – ProWellTech

Porsche’s newest app lets buyers track the progress of their 911 – ProWellTech

Porsche has invested more resources in the development of digital services in an attempt to meet the technological needs of its customers. The latest effort from its sister company Porsche Digital is an app that allows U.S. buyers who have ordered a 911 sports car to track its progress from production to the dealership.

The app, integrated with the My Porsche web portal, provides customers with updates on 14 events, including production in Germany, the vehicle departure and trek across the Atlantic, entering the United States port and arriving at the dealership. The digital service, called Porsche Track Your Dream, provides bbasic information on each milestone and shows a countdown in miles and days.

The Porsche tracker is a niche product with a narrow customer base. It will only be offered to 911 buyers. The automaker sold 9,265 Porsche 911 sports cars in the United States last year. But the company plans to add more vehicles in the future, including its fully electric Taycan.

The app is part of a wider strategy to improve its digital game. Earlier this month, Porsche Cars North America launched an online platform called Porsche Finder which allows customers to search for used vehicles through its dealer network. The platform allows customers to search by vehicle model and generation and includes additional filters for price, equipment and packages, as well as interior and exterior vehicle colors.

In April, the automaker unveiled a line of main units designed to replicate the vintage look while maintaining modern connectivity, such as Bluetooth, DAB + and Apple CarPlay.

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