Popular Face Painting Designs for Adults

Popular Face Painting Designs for Adults

Face painting is in trend these days. People can be seen with different designs painted on their face, especially when there is some occasion like a sports event or a national function. To paint the face it is not necessary to hire a professional as one can do it himself also. Depending upon the design that you want to get painted on the face you can opt either to do it on your own or else hire the professional.

Though one can any how do it by himself yet an accuracy is achieved when a professional is hired as you get a perfect finishing on your face. People have different taste and preference pattern, depending upon this people try different designs on their face. The preference for the designs also depends to a great extent on the age group to which a person belongs. Children have their own choices that mostly tends to be a cartoon character whereas adults prefer some classy, elegant and smart designs that may link to one of their features or the characteristics that they tend to possess. Out of all the design patterns that people get painted on their face, the most common are as follows:

Skull face painting:

Painting the face like a skull is quite an interesting and a fun task, both for the one who is doing it and for those who are getting it done. Different colours are used in these type of designs the chief among which are black, white, copper and sometimes red also just to satisfy the demand of the situation required. Ideally black colour is used to highlight the eyes and the lips section whereas white is used to colour the face. This is usually a design preferred by those who wish to make the appearance look intense and grave.

Animal face painting:

These are the designs mostly preferred by the animal lovers. Different colours can be used while painting the face that resembles one of the animal species, the most prominent being the colour yellow and brown. The most preferred among all the animal designs is that of a tiger, lion or a cheetah preferred by those who wish to potray themselves as those having a ferocious approach towards life. Some may also prefer getting a design that resembles a snake or a scorpio.


Clown face painting:

This sort of design on the face is preferred ideally by those who have a humorous approach towards life or those who wish to make the situation less intense and a little jovial. This type of face painting requires the most variety of clours ranging from red to any that you may find on the colour bar. It is also the most easiest to be painted that does not even require a professional approach



All the above listed designs are for the adults as they represent the situations of life that might either be intense or light or else any that shows the innate qualities of a person.