Poll: Would you purchase a modular smartphone?

Poll: Would you purchase a modular smartphone? 1

It feels like forever since we last saw a modular smartphone from a major manufacturer. Motorola was perhaps the most prominent proponent of the concept, but it quietly ditched the Moto Mod system of add-ons a few years ago.

Would you put your money in there and buy a modular phone, be it an updated device or something new? That is the subject of our survey presented today. So make your voice heard by voting and leaving a comment below if you have more to share. Just to be clear, we don’t mean phones that just have removable batteries.

The Moto Z series was perhaps the most famous modular phone line with a magnetic back that was compatible with a wide variety of hardware add-ons. That included better cameras, speakers, power banks, gamepads, a projector, and even a module that brought 5G to the table. But you couldn’t swap out the core parts of the phone for other parts, such as B. the integrated camera or the battery.

The same approach was followed in 2016 by the unfortunate LG G5, which offers a “magazine” slot for accessories such as a camera grip and a hi-fi DAC. But LG didn’t offer anything else noteworthy, with the company abandoning the modular concept for the 2017 G6.

Fortunately, there is also the Fairphone range with the Fairphone 3 and 3 Plus, which were launched in 2019 and 2020, respectively. These devices actually offer a modular design, with Fairphone 3 users even being able to swap out their cameras for updated modules.

Would you buy a modular device like the Fairphone range or Moto Z phones? Let us know in the poll above.

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