Poll results: You limit spending on streaming services

Poll results: You limit spending on streaming services

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An absolute deluge of streaming services has fallen on us over the past few years. Where there used to be a handful of products, there are now dozens in different entertainment categories like movies, music, games and more.

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With all of these options, some people find they are spending more on streaming entertainment than expected. That’s why we released a survey asking for an estimate from the ballpark of how much money our readers spend on different services each month.

The results of the survey are below.

Streaming Services: How Much Do You Spend Each Month?

Streaming Services Survey

It seems that the majority of our readers who took this survey are keeping their expenses in check. Nearly 35% of respondents spend less than $ 20 a month on streaming. Meanwhile, the next largest segment is spending between $ 20 and $ 50 per month on streaming services, while only about 15% are spending more than $ 50 per month.

It should be noted, however, that around 23% of respondents do not pay for streaming services at all. That just goes to show that not everyone has a Netflix account (at least not one they pay for).

Of course, the survey results only tell part of the story. There were some insightful comments from the survey that shed some light on how people structure their streaming costs.

Some of your comments

Some of the respondents to this streaming services survey were more than happy to describe exactly what they are paying for. Others simply had some comments on the state of the streaming market. Here are some selected comments:

@ AleksiVnttinen2
16 € or so. I have the best Netflix subscription I’ve shared with friends. I also use Disney Plus but a friend pays for it and shares it with me. Oh and € 5 / month for Spotify Premium (student discount).

More than $ 50 for Hulu + live alone, let alone the other services we subscribe to. At least it’s cheaper than the over $ 250 a month we paid Direct TV.

@ AleksiVnttinen2
The old Spotify + Hulu bundle and Prime are the only subscriptions I have all year round. I am sharing my Prime membership with my parents so we can split the bill. My friend told me about Disney Plus after I joined the Nintendo Family Plan. I get Netflix or Funimation when there are multiple shows I want to watch and then cancel when I’m caught up or the season (s) ends. I’ll likely take the same approach with xCloud. Pay when I want to play, then take a break until I want to play something again. I’ve been without Netflix more than once for 10 months and each time they offered me a free monthly trial where I binge everything that month before I had to pay again.

Zero. Torrents aren’t that hard to use, you know.

There you have it. Some pay a lot, others keep it simple, others play the system and others just laugh a hearty pirate laugh. If you missed your recording to sound like in the original poll, feel free to let us know which streaming services you’re on board with in the comments below.

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