Poll results: You don’t use battery saver mode often

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When you’re using a phone, there’s nothing worse than keeping your device’s battery when you need it most. For years, manufacturers have offered battery saving modes for their phones to avoid this very moment. But how often do you need a feature like this when 4,500 mAh batteries have become commonplace on phones like the OnePlus 8T and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? With that in mind, we wanted to find out how many of you are using the battery saver feature on your phone.

Ever use your phone’s battery saver mode?

Results of the survey on battery saver mode


We published the poll on December 1st and more than 2,000 of you voted. Surprisingly, 33.8% of you said you never use your phone’s battery saver mode. A couple of things probably play a role here. As much as some of us complain about how big phones have gotten over the last few years, the positive side has been that most modern devices use much larger batteries than their predecessors. The pandemic likely played a role as well, with some people using their phones less than going outside which was the norm.

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In just under a second, 29.1% said they used the feature, but not very often. With significantly fewer votes, 10.3% said they used battery saver several times a week and 15.1% said they use it almost every day. Finally, 11.8% said they seldom turn off the function. When you combine these results, more Android Authority readers are using their phone’s battery saver mode than they are not.


  • Drone9: If you need a battery saver, you are using the wrong phone.
  • Rahul Pai: Before COVID, I used it a lot. but lately I rarely leave the house, so no: /
  • Gustang: I always turn it on. When the battery gets 100% charged and the battery becomes safer, I will automatically turn it off and on again.
  • Tony Talks: I use battery saver mode occasionally. It can be helpful when I’m outside and need to push my battery life to the limit. Otherwise, I can usually go all day (pun intended) without worries.

That’s it for this poll. As always thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and share your thoughts. If you have any final thoughts on this matter, please leave a comment below.

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