Poll: How long is your screen timeout set for?

Screen timeout on the smartphone

Recognition: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Every smartphone on the market has a screen timeout setting that allows users to set how long it takes for a screen to turn off automatically. And there are arguments for short and long timeout settings.

Some people may prefer a super-short timeout (say 30 seconds) as this theoretically helps improve battery life and reduces the risk of screen burn-in on OLED phones. Other smartphone owners may be prone to a longer timeout (a minute or more) so that they don’t have to unlock the device again for a while. You can even set a timeout of 30 minutes with the phones from Google.

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So what do you do? Android Authority Prefer readers? Well, this is where you come in. We want to know which screen timeout option you are using. Let us know your preference by taking the survey above.

Personally, I usually set my screen timeout to a minute or two. That way, if I’m briefly distracted, I can quickly pick up where I left off. And I get very distracted. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this matter!

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