Poll: How happy are you with your current phone?

Smartphone manufacturers want you to update to their latest and greatest devices as soon as they hit the market. It’s understandable why users do that too. New enterprise devices often feature the latest innovations such as faster chips, larger rear cameras, and faster displays. The only real way for users to get these features is to update their devices.

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It is likely that many users do not need these features or are unwilling to spend more money on a fundamentally similar device. Those who still cling to older flagships will still benefit from fast chips and top notch features. Even the newer mid-range smartphones have not aged as much, especially those from OEMs who offer long software support times.

But which side of the fence are you on? How satisfied are you with your current smartphone? Would you like to upgrade soon?

Let us know by voting in the poll above. Also, mention which phone you are currently using and why you are more than happy with it. If you are planning to upgrade, let us know the planned jump. We will post the best comments in our article on survey results.

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