Pixels gain underwater shooting smarts, more with new feature drop

Google Pixel 5 Camera 1

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  • Google is introducing new features for current Pixel phones.
  • These features include compatibility with an underwater camera housing, new recorder features, and much more.

It’s a new month so get ready for a new pixel feature drop. Lots of new features are being developed for Pixels this month, including new camera tricks and smarter routine detection.

The first notable improvement concerns the Pixel’s Recorder app. In addition to recording notes and clips on the device, the recorder now allows pixel owners to share links to audio files with others, even if recipients do not own a pixel. These recordings are also made available on the recorder website.

Immerse yourself in your Pixel

google pixel kraken sample 1

While most flagship pixels have intrusion protection, you can’t really use their cameras unhindered underwater. Google has now announced compatibility with the Kraken Sports KRH04 underwater phone case. Imagine a small vacuum wetsuit for the Pixel that users can use to operate their devices under the waves.

The housing itself is 80 meters deep and fits devices with the dimensions 158 x 83 x 9 mm. The housing gives Google Pixel owners access to the most important modes and functions of the camera app, in particular night vision, portrait mode and cinema photos.

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A new Google Fit function is also planned for pixel cameras. Starting next week, Pixel users will be able to measure heart rate and breathing rate through their device’s camera. While the feature is unlikely to produce as accurate results as wearables, it’s still a nifty addition.

New adjustments, Pixel Stand functions and more

In addition to the camera smarts, pixels also get new adjustments. The phones will get new wallpapers celebrating important cultural moments in 2021. This starts with International Women’s Day on March 8th with wallpapers that “focus on the strength and transformation of women,” Google says.

Google Pixel Bedtime Stand 1

Pixel Stand owners also get their own feature bump. This includes a new seamless night routine with an updated set of notifications and a redesigned bedtime screen. This feature is limited to pixels with smart wireless charging capabilities – Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, and Pixel 5.

Finally, Google is expanding the availability of Smart Compose to include other messaging apps. It is currently only available in the US and is limited to English.

A list of all the features available for Pixel this month can be found on Google’s full update hub at the link.

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