Peloton launches new Bike+ and Tread smart home gym equipment, both at $2,495 – TechCrunch

Peloton launches new Bike+ and Tread smart home gym equipment, both at $2,495 – TechCrunch

Peloton Has started two new products for the Home Smart Gym range, the Bike + ($ 2,495) and the Tread ($ 2,495). While both are priced the same, the new exercise bike becomes the premium version of the original Peloton stationary bike, which retails for $ 1,895. The Tread is the new entry-level Peloton treadmill product, with the original becoming the Tread + at $ 4,295. Both products were leaked by Bloomberg last week before being officially revealed on Tuesday.

The new Peloton Bike + has a 23.8-inch touchscreen display with HD resolution. It can move 180 degrees in either direction, allowing exercise bikes to use the screen (and Peloton’s distance learning and teaching) while away from the bike. There is also a built-in sound system with four speakers, contactless integration with a tap of a finger Apple Gymkit that allows you to sync workouts with your Apple Watch, and an auto-follow resistance system that scales the bike’s resistance based on your own target heart rate and breathing metrics.

As mentioned earlier, the bike costs + $ 2,495, around $ 600 more than the newly launched entry-level bike. It will go on sale September 9 in the United States, Canada, and Germany and is available for installment payments as part of a financing plan. Peloton, like its existing equipment, will test it at home for 30 days.

The new Tread can also be purchased over a financing period with installment payments and is delivered with the test period. It is scheduled to hit the market in both the US and Canada in early 2021, but will go on sale a little earlier in the UK on December 26, 2020. Germany will also get the new treadmill, but that will be later in 2021, according to the company.

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What the Tread offers is also a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen, but it doesn’t rotate. For ground-based workouts, however, it can be tilted up and down 50 degrees. The new Tread, according to the company, is smaller than most couches at 68 “L x 33” W x 62 “H. It looks like a much more traditional treadmill belt assembly than the Premium Tread +, but the company points this out that there is no type of front case like you would find on most treadmills which brightens the look of the whole thing.

Peloton also announced a new type of class called “Bike Bootcamp” that includes cardio as well as strength training for a more complete, full-body workout. Sounds like the perfect addition to this rotating display on the Bike +, if it wasn’t clear that the company wanted to be the central point of contact for a holistic home training program.

In the event that a new Peloton buyer feels the buyer’s remorse for the new equipment, Peloton says, “It will automatically reimburse anyone who is still at home during the 30-day trial period or waiting for the bike to be delivered To do this, immediately give them the $ 350 drop in price they introduced for the original exercise bike. Anyone who falls into this group and wants to swap for the updated model can do so while paying the difference.

Credit: Peloton

If you’re not a new buyer but still want new gear, Peloton is offering current bike owners a trade-in offer that gives them a $ 700 discount as well as a free yoga & exercise accessory set to pick up your old bike when it delivers your new one. Not a bad upgrade incentive.

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