Password manager apps: 10 best apps for android in 2017

Password manager apps: Passwords are always painful. Most of the still use easily hacked passwords such as “12345” and “ABCD,” “5678” etc. These passwords can be easily cracked by the hackers not only hacker it can be easily opened by your fellow mates because the password is that simple.

Most of the people do one thing, they will just keep one password for all their online logins. In these cases once if the password is known by a hacker or any other then they just got the key to your house. They can quickly enter into your life and make worse situations easily.

So, it is always best to stay away from these type of practices. But, staying away from these kinds of practices makes even difficult for most of the people.

Because, if they keep some hard non-traceable password for all their accounts, it is very hard for them to recognize those passwords when you have to open those again.

It has been a sensitive issue for most of the online users. Even the pro-security developers might forget their passwords because it is quite common to forget something. So mostly people used to addict for those two above plans.

But, still, those two methods are not safe. As the world is moving quickly towards the digital life, There has been a massive increase in online thefts and other activities. So to stay safe in this online world.

You have to keep all your passwords as the strong passwords but it is hard to remember those all-time, so in those situations, you can use the password managers.

Here you might know about the password managers, I don’t have to say especially about this but if you don’t know about the passwords managers.

Then here I am going to say about the password manager, and then I will give the best list of password managers in 2017.

Password managers:

A password manager is nothing but a software application, and this application helps any users to store their passwords and also organize all their password needs in one place.

Generally the password managers store passwords encrypted and allow the users to create the master password for all of them. Here a single and vigorous password will grant permission to all your password needs, and it allows you to access the password database.


This is all about the password managers, now let’s know about the best password manager apps for Android in 2017.

Best Password Manager Apps for Android in 2017:

The advancements in technology are always pushing the people to be more secure than there are yesterday. Day by day you can see enormous growth in password managers. The password managers are used widely because of its abilities to store passwords in one spot, and along with that, these password managers are also having few more features these days.

With the increase in mobile networks, you must have these password manager apps on your Android device all times to improve your security. Nowadays there are tons and tons of the password managers readily available on PC, Mobile, and Mac. If you are seeing for the best password manager apps, then you have come to correct place. Here is the list of best password manager apps for Android in 2017.

aWallet Password Manager:

aWallet password manager is one of the apps which has been around for a very long time. It is one of the apps which helps to secure your passwords, and other private information secretly.

This app easily lets you store all your credit card details, banking info, passwords and more. This a wallet also has the built-in search, custom icons, and auto lock feature as well.

You can see the inbuilt password generator which generates the very strong password so that you can give rest to your brain. This app covers all the basic needs of the users which include the AES and Blowfish encryption

This app lets you export all the unencrypted data in CSV format for your USB device. Awallet app has two variants one is free, and another one is premium.

Best security features of Awallet:

  • All the data is encrypted, including Category, Entry names, definitions, and the data itself. Even the choice of Favorite Category is encrypted.
  • Encrypts data using AES and Blowfish algorithms with key sizes of 256, 192 and 128 bits. And it also supports Triple DES with key sizes of 168 and 112 bits.
  • When the data file is decrypted, up to all combinations of algorithm, key size and cipher mode of operation (CBC, CFB, OFB, and ECB) are tried with the Master password to unlock the data file. This was inspired by True Crypt and makes brute force attacks longer.
  • The app itself does not store any hint to the actual cipher, key size or cipher mode of operation.


2. Dash lane:

Dash lane is one of the finest password manager app for Android. It is an application which set its standard, and it has been a top password manager apps for Android for a while. This has some core and advanced features.

It easily supports all the passwords, credit cards, online transaction passwords, and all the other sensitive information. This app supports all types of passwords and along with those it also support the auto filling password feature on all the online sites and apps as well.

You can quickly take your backup copy from its cloud storage. The encryption of this dash lane is 256 bit AES which is a better encryption. This dash lane has both free and premium features.

But mostly, you can get all its best features for free, but if you grab the subscription, then you can get some advanced options.

The dash lane has four best features. First one is the password manager which helps to keep safe, another one is secure mobile wallet which helps you ensure your credit card details and other one is backup with encryption security. The smart, secure lock is another feature which helps to keep all your private info in one secured password.

This dash Lane also got the best app of 2015, and it has opted for the editor’s choice app list. Dash lane is the award-winning password manager app for Android.


3. Keepass 2 Android:

Keepass 2 Android is a user-friendly and open source password manager application for all the Android devices. This android password manager is totally free you don’t have to pay anything for this application.

This app reads and writes all the .kdbx files and the database formats which are used by the new KeePass 2.x password secure software for windows. The keepass2 Android app has option to backup all your passwords. This app is not having such great option and features like the premium apps, but this app is a helpful app with the best security manager.

Keepass2 Android also has the quickly unlock option which helps to open your database once with your master password. It is integrated with the soft keyword, so it is better to switch to the keyword for entering the user private details. This app doesn’t need online access to run, it is an entirely free to manage, and it is an offline version app.


4. Enpass Password Manager:

The Enpass password manager is a powerful password manager apps in Android. This app covers all the basic and advanced features of the desktop version. The enpass password manager is having the desktop version available for both the Mac, PC, and Linux.

As the mobile security is becoming popular, the enpass password manager has brought its desktop-based password manager app to the Android with same features.

It is not having any type of starting subscription fees. This password manager app is available for free, and it also has the paid version which generally cost around $10.

This app is having the ability to backup and restore all your files. And this enpass password manager includes 256 bit AES encryption which is good. The premium subscription of this app consists of cross-platform syncing, and you can easily import your password list from the other password apps.

5. Keeper:

Keeper is one of the leading password manager apps for Android. It is also called as the digital vault for the businesses and individuals. This app lets you to protect and manage all your passwords, documents, private videos, photos and credit card details, etc.

This keeper has the world class security option, and it is having the strong encrypted password system. Although it has world class technology, its pricing is a bit higher so if you can afford 30$ per month than the best and excellent password manager is the keeper.

Keeper is mainly used by the businesses and individuals who has lots of accounts and passwords. It is serving millions and thousands of people around the globe, and it is helping them to secure more sensitive information and also helps to protect your account from the cyber criminals and hackers.

This android password manager app is user-friendly, and it is used by the industry giants to keep their information safe and hack proof. Keeper is having the ultra-powerful AES 256 and PBKDF 2 encryptions. These two are helpful in keeping all your passwords convenient.

This keeper also has the fingerprint password which helps to lock your private information behind a quick but this features works only when you use fingerprint configured device. You can quickly add the SMS, Authenticator to the other 2 FA systems with just a few taps.

6. mSecure password manager:

The mSecure password manager is one of the oldest password managers. It is having several upgrades and improvements in its apps. This app used to be at the top of the password manager list but as the competition is getting heavier all the option offered by m secure password manager other apps, so it just lowered its rank.

This msecure has the 256 bit AES encryption, and along with that, it is having the auto lock, a password generator and the ability to back up your data to micro SD card. If you strive to self-destruct your backup, then it can easily self-destruct the backup. It will only be done, when you enable the security feature. That is if anyone is trying the wrong password too many times then the self-destruct mode will be open up and destruct all the information.

The only problem for the msecure password manager is its lack of free version. Most of the people just feel bad due to this option. But this m safe is having the refund policy and that too for the particular period. So this m secure password manager is best and used by top class individuals.

7. Last pass:

The last pass is a professional password manager to manage all your password at single place. It has a password generator which manages all the passwords which are hidden in the secured vault of the last pass.

This app automatically fills all your web browser, and app login id’s for you, and it instantly generates new and secure passwords. This last pass has the capability to store all the login, and it also helps to create an online shopping profiles. It is used to store your personal information such as video, images and more.

The best in class features of the last pass is its password manager, password keeper, secure vault and automatic password filler. If you have a mobile with fingerprint scanner option. Then you can use the fingerprint option in this user-friendly app.

Data manager option is one of the highlights of the last pass, it helps you to manage and organize all your passwords into a custom folder, and it will lock all the needed info in your Last Pass password manager. It is having, even more, features such as emergency access, password audits, password generator, etc.

8. Robo Form password manager:

The RoboForm password manager will work just like the form filler. This app helps you fill all your login details and form field without any issue.

You can use this app to secure your accounts from hackers and other cyber criminals. This app makes it easy with your password management anywhere in this globe. You don’t have really remember the whole lot of passwords you have just to remember one password that is the master password.

This app has user-friendly options, and it can be used easily by a standard app user. Coming to the security, this robo form has top notch security features which help you to go through your work smoothly.

Unique features of RoboForm:

  • Automatically helps you to login into your web accounts with the embedded RoboForm browser.
  • Save all your new login information and restore them when you need.
  • Multi-step login with the matching login feature.
  • It synchronizes all your RoboForm data with multiple computers and devices.
  • It helps to generate secure and uncrackable passwords with its strong password generator.


9. Password safe and manager:

Password safe and manager is one of the password manager apps which is slowly increasing its presence. This is an app which is having good features to control and manage all your passwords safely.

This app has both free and premium subscription. But it is always best to try the free version before opting for the premium version. Password Safe app has the zero connection to the internet, and it is protected with the 256-bit encryption so that you are relatively safe.

All the data is encrypted in one place, Here all you have to do is just remember one password. No need to remember the hell lot of online passwords and login ids. With this password manager, you can categorize the password and browsing activates. If you strive to take the backup, then you can easily take from this device.


10. Safe in cloud password manager:

SafeInCloud, here the name itself suggest us that it is a cloud-based password manager.  This password manager does the same job as the other password managers do. It stores all the passwords and login details on the cloud storage and then when you want to access any of the passwords.

This safe in cloud is easy to use, and it is having some decent design along with the encrypted and secured database. Safe in Cloud app has the 256-bit advanced encryption standards which are similar to the other top class password managers.

If you have a smart device which is having the fingerprint scanner. Then you can opt to use the fingerprint feature of the safe in cloud. This password manager has an ability to analyze your password and show the strength. And it helps to import apps passwords.



This is all about the best password manager apps for Android in 2017. I think these security managers are more than enough to secure password. If you strive to use the best password manager apps, then it is best to use this list of secured password manager for Android in 2017. If you have anything to say or if you have any queries you can let me know in comments section.

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