How To Get It Right Now?

Apple’s latest iOS 14 is currently in public beta testing. Among the many features, iOS 14 has something called the “Back Tap”, or also known as the iOS 14 double-tap feature. The back take feature allows the user to open apps or perform system actions such as opening the camera

Twitter finally bans former KKK leader, David Duke – ProWellTech

chirping confirmed that he definitively banned the account of David Duke, former leader of the white supremacist hate group Ku Klux Klan. Duke has been operating freely on his platform for years, accumulating a entourage of around 53,000 and recently tweeting his support for President Trump to be re-elected. Now

PUBG Mobile Introduces New Anti-Wallhack Feature In Spectator Mode

Since launch, PUBG Mobile has been fighting cheaters by introducing several anti-cheat systems into the game. However, cheaters still find ways to ruin other players’ experience in PUBG Mobile. So, PUBG Mobile has come with a new system to strengthen its security against cheaters. Interestingly, PUBG Mobile’s new anti-cheat system