Owner’s Wife Praises Elon For Making Tesla Safe After Surviving Accident

Owner’s Wife Praises Elon For Making Tesla Safe After Surviving Accident

The wife of a Tesla owner was extremely grateful to Tesla CEO Mr. Elon Musk after her husband and four children emerged from an accident unscathed. The impact of this accident was so brutal that it completely destroyed the front half of the car.

Pam Baker praised Elon via her Twitter account for making safe cars with excellent build quality.

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She also shared images of her Tesla after the incident. Although the car appears to be in fairly poor condition and unidentifiable, still from the photos it looks like a Tesla Model 3.


There is no information regarding the story behind the accident. However, from the images after the incident, one can imagine the severity of the impact.

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Tesla’s crash proves the build quality of its electric vehicles

Tesla Model 3 crash
Image: Pam Baker

Tesla electric cars are renowned for their impressive electric range, performance and self-driving capability. We have seen many YouTubers and EV enthusiasts test various parameters of Tesla’s electric cars, including electric range, battery degradation, acceleration and much more.

However, very few discuss Tesla’s electric vehicle safety standards. Maybe that’s because most of Tesla’s models got a 5-star safety rating in the NHTSA test. If we are talking about the Model 3 in particular, then it got a five star NHTSA Ranking for all occupants. The standards are therefore already proven and the results are available online.

In addition, due to the absence of an engine under the hood, the crumple zones of electric cars act more effectively by minimizing the impact in a head-on collision.

In short, whether it’s performance, efficiency, technology or safety, Tesla excels in almost everything.

Either way, drop your views in the comments section below if you know more details about this recent incident.

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