Our 5 favorite Memorial Day TV deals — from $198

Our 5 favorite Memorial Day TV deals — from $198 1

Memorial Day has finally arrived. It brings a lot of things with it; a day to remember those lost, a holiday to spend time with the family, and one of the largest shopping holidays of the year. As your family is together, the talk just might go to your favorite TV shows and movies. If that’s the case for your family, why not celebrate by buying a TV that is being offered at a much lower price than usual? While there are tons of TV deals going on, many featuring the best TVs of our era, there are also a ton of special deals that just hit right around Memorial Day. There are so many, however, that it can be difficult to sort through them all — especially on a holiday you want to spend with your family — so our team has sorted them for you.

Onn. 50-inch Roku 4K TV — $198, was $238

Our 5 favorite Memorial Day TV deals — from $198 2

At one of the cheapest prices you can expect to find on a fully-featured modern TV at the moment, the Onn. 50-inch Roku 4K TV is worth a look. At 60Hz in refresh rate and 2160p, the Onn. will faithfully deliver what’s on screen with the best of them. If you’ve been sweating it out with an older TV — one that doesn’t come with the features that seem so standard on the ones all of your friends have — you’ll also be delighted that the Onn. hosts many of the same features that make the best Roku TVs so popular. That includes access to the half-million plus TV episodes and movies that come with Roku’s channels, with many free and others paid, as well as all of the cool tricks that work on Roku TVs in general. If you just need an upgrade to the modern era and don’t want to spend much to do so, this is the deal that was made for you.

65-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV — $398, was $528

The Vizio V-Series 4K TV in the living room.

The 65-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV is all about bringing a joyful, highly interconnected experience to your home. From intensive backlighting of the 60Hz, 2160p screen to contrast tuning that analyzes your display in real time — alongside powerful Dolby vision and 4K upscaling — the optics are taken care of, but there is more for the family to enjoy beyond this. For example, the V-Gaming Engine (which is automatically deployed when gaming is detected) reduces input lag. Your smart home devices connect directly with the VIZIO as well. Have a fantastic video doorbell? Pop your visitor’s face up on the big screen so everybody can see who’s there quickly before admitting anyone in. And just like with any good smart device, the VIZIO can be voice controlled using its voice remote. That means no more scrolling through channels or having to suffer through D-pad menu to “type” out a title ever again.

65-inch Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV — $498, was $678

Vizio M Series soundbar mounted on wall below TV.

Another offering from Vizio, with just a touch more. Giving you the same great specs, interconnectivity, gaming modes, and voice control as the model above, one of the primary ways the 65-inch Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV distinguishes itself from the model above is upgrading from a standard LED display to a QLED one. While explaining QLED technology is out of the scope of this writeup, just know that it is an increasingly popular tech that provides awesome TV brightness and an intensive color spectrum. They tend to be great for brighter viewing areas. At this time, even the cheapest of the best QLED TVs tend to sit near the $1,000 mark, so this TV is certainly worth checking out while this great deal lasts.

70-inch LG UQ7070 4K TV — $498, was $648

Our 5 favorite Memorial Day TV deals — from $198 3

Next, we have a large 70-inch TV from LG that highly favors sports fans. With a 60Hz refresh rate and 2160p resolution, a stat line that dominates this list, it is the use of webOS, sports alerts, and the screen’s large size that distinguish this TV from the others. webOS, which is based on Linux, tends to be more minimalist in design than other TV systems. It also allows for a bit more customization in channel lineups and how you interact with apps on it. Sports alerts appear with updates in real time from your followed matches so you can change channels to the most exciting game of any moment. Finally, while we are in an age of ultra-large TVs, 70-inches tends to be an upper bound for many people still. They’re also more expensive than the average TV, so if this is the right TV size for you then this is the deal to go after.

65-inch LG B2 OLED 4K TV — $1,300, was $1,600

The LG B2 OLED 4K TV in a living room.

To wrap up the list we have one of the more special high-end offerings from the whole Memorial Day weekend. LG’s B2 OLED webOS TV stands out in a number of ways. While it, like all of the members of the list, is 2160p, it was the only 120Hz refresh rate TV that we found had a meaningful deal on today. There’s a lot to this TV beyond a sweet refresh rate, though. Highlights include its OLED display tech, its gaming functionality, and neat sound options. If you remember the QLED TV from earlier, this TV provides the foil in the ongoing QLED vs OLED debate; it provides richer dark colors that are perfect for dark rooms and gritty TV shows. With GeForce Now you can hop into a game — without waiting on multi-gigabyte download times — directly via cloud gaming. Audiophiles are similarly catered to with an AI processor that transforms 2-channel audio into a virtual 5.1.2 setup. Their wire-hating spouse will also love how the LG B2 can connect to high-fidelity speakers wirelessly. Overall, it is a big deal, worthy of your full attention. Check it out here:

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