OnePlus 9RT renders suggest phone might still happen

OnePlus 9RT EVLeaks 3


  • New high quality renders of the OnePlus 9RT surfaced from a reliable source.
  • The phone looks like a mashup of the 9R and 9 Pro.
  • OnePlus said there wouldn’t be a T-series phone this year so we’re confused.

In September, OnePlus unveiled its major overarching plan for “OnePlus 2.0”. During that announcement, we learned – directly from Co-Founder and CEO Pete Lau – that there would be no T-Series phone from the company this year.

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This was an interesting statement considering we’ve heard numerous rumors about the OnePlus 9RT. Now we have something like official press renders of this phone from a trusted leaker Evan Blass. Will there be a T-series phone after all?

Convince yourself of the pictures below.

OnePlus 9RT latest renderings

OnePlus 9RT EVLeaks

The renders suggest that the OnePlus 9RT could be a mix of the OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 9 Pro. In theory, the phone would be better than the 9R in some cases, but not quite as good as the OnePlus 9, and certainly not as good as the OnePlus 9 Pro.

If this sounds confusing to you, it’s because it’s confusing. Because of this, it made a lot of sense when Pete Lau said there would be no T-series phone in 2021. Perhaps, however, Lau was only referring to the main phones – in other words, the OnePlus 9T and OnePlus 9T Pro. You’d think the 9R would count too, but these renders appear to be for a phone the company is looking to bring to market.

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Keep in mind that the OnePlus 9R only landed in India and China, so it would make sense for the OnePlus 9RT to just land there as well. Hence, for the time being, people in other countries need to focus on the main 9-series phones.

It’s also possible that these renders are for a phone that OnePlus wanted to launch but was canned at the last minute. However, if the phone does come out, it has to come soon as there isn’t much left of 2021. For what it’s worth, Blass says the phone could land on October 13th.

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