Nokia hopes you’ll like its smart lighting as much as its phones

Nokia Smart Lights


  • Nokia has launched its first line of Smart Lighting in the United States.
  • The line allows you to use your own light bulbs and will work even if you don’t have wifi.
  • You can pre-order now from € 39.99.

Do you like the minimalism and simplicity of Nokia smartphones? There is now a matching smart home lineup. Nokia (or rather the brand licensee Smartlabs) has launched its first smart lighting system in the US.

The Nokia lighting platform revolves around a bridge, as well as a dial, paddle switch, four-button keypad and smart socket. You have your own selection of lightbulbs and can wire them up however you like. You’re also not tied to Wi-Fi – a mix of radio frequency and powerline networks keep your system active and responsive.

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You can control Nokia lighting through Android and iOS apps, as well as Alexa and Google Assistant. A remote control is available if you forget to turn off the lights or need to turn them on before getting home.

The Nokia Smart Lighting range is available for pre-order now, starting at $ 39.99 for the bridge and up to $ 59.99 for the keyboard. The dispatch of the products should start at the end of September.

This won’t get you Hue-like colored lights or otherwise compete with the most advanced smart bulb setups. That’s not really the point though – the Nokia system is designed to upgrade your existing lighting and keep the price relatively low. It might be your choice if you don’t want to replace the lightbulbs just to have more control over your home.

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