How NFC Technology Will Grow in Smartphone?

How NFC Technology Will Grow in Smartphone?

As we live in the modern digital era, we are meant to experience the modern invention with creative thoughts. One among such inventions is NFC (Near-Field Communication) Technology, which commonly referred as the wireless communication system which connects two nearby devices. Just like Bluetooth option in the smart phones, however NFC’s are more secured and able to transact data in much secured when compared old modes like Bluetooth, WI-Fi and so.

How it works?

NFC mode of communication works based on the Radio Frequency Identification RFIC technology, and it’s been widely used for both commercial and also for private usages. NFC technology covers only shorter distance and offers supreme transfers, even by using NFC can works when phone turned down. Literally, the working operation of NFC’s can be described as “Transfer of data’s like contacts, photos, files by tapping two phones which is placed nearby”.

How NFC is Useful?

Though, it has NFC has wide variety of usage the main thing which attracts lot of people around the globe is NFC’s enabled smart phones. Having NFC mobile would make shopping or mobile payment much simpler. By tapping iphone case which is specially designed for portal payment with the card reader, one can able to pay money for his or her purchased goods. NFC has partnered with companies like VISA and MASTERCARD to provide such unique facilities to the users.

Growth to NFC in Smart Phone

The domination of NFC in the android enabled smart phones has been taken place right from 2012, and it is estimated that around 100 million NFC enabled smart phones has been shipped to market for users purchase. Experts have suggested that by the end of 2017, the users of NFC enabled mobile smart phones users will be exceed 715 millions.

With the peculiar features like contactless payment option, the NFC enabled higher end android and IOS smart phones are grabs user’s attentions a lot. The NFC enabled mobile payment transaction carried out with the secured generation of unique 6 digit code without sharing user’s card details. All such card details will be stored in Visa Cloud server or MasterCard cloud that depends upon the cards which users utilize.  And card machine recognize the NFC enabled mobile as the bank card and process the transfer without getting any details from user or purchaser.

Who are all mainly benefited from NFC Enabled Mobiles?

  1. Housewife of mom checking for nearby grocery store
  2. Mush useful for businessmen and women while riding in subway
  3. Making secured Mobile payments and so

NFC one the growing latest innovative technology, which is developed by the company which runs as the non-profit organization, makes sure about maintaining all standards and safety measures to perform such wireless payment.

Below mentioned table illustrate some facts about NFC technology.

S.NoThings need to know about NFC TechnologyDetailed Explanation
1NFC TechnologyJust like Bluetooth, NFC (Near-Field Communication) transfers files and data in much secured than any other wireless transfer medium.
2Contactless payment NFC Technology is a sophisticated form of communication where user no need to touch the billing machine just by tapping NFC enabled mobile enough to carry on the payment procedure.
3Drawbacks of NFCThough, it has variable benefits like contactless and secured way of mobile payment yet it can be used only in shorter distance and it also faces obstacles to face as radio waves do.
4Future EnhancementExperts are working to overcome the bugs and obstacles faced in NFC sharing.
5NFC GrowthBy the end of 2017, it is estimated that number of NFC enabled mobile smart phones would cross 720 Millions


Future Opportunities for NFC

Various experts all around the globe are working on how to boost the potential which NFC currently have. And also NFC is expected to play vital role in security access for air travelers.


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