New Splitgate Update Adds Mantling, New Playlists, and More 1

The latest Splitgate update adds a handful of quality of life improvements, a new featured playlist, and Nvidia Reflex support on PC, as confirmed by developer 1047 Games. This update is available now on all platforms.

Players can look forward to a number of features with this update, including a new mantling mechanic that allows players to climb the edge of a wall when they’re close enough to its top. This feature allows users to more effectively traverse the map, with verticality at the forefront. As 1047 Games explains, it adds “more strategic verticality in combat.”

In addition, voice chat will remain active across platforms in the middle of a match. Previously, cross-platform voice chat was known to drop while playing a match, but following this update, it should be fixed.

One of the other new features being added with the latest Splitgate update is the implementation of Nvidia Reflex support on PC. Players with Nvidia GPUs will now be able to take advantage of lower latency, which could “shave precious milliseconds off reaction times,” 1047 says. Keep in mind, this feature is only available for PC.

Developer 1047 Games also notes that this update will feature a fix to a crashing bug that would occur on the Karman Station map.

Finally, a playlist update will be added, with a rotation of modes arriving each weekend that will hopefully add some variety. The full list of patch notes can be found on the Splitgate site.

Splitgate is a fast-paced FPS game and is available for free on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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