New leak offers a fresh look at Google’s ‘Sabrina’ Android TV remote

Google Chromecast leak

  • WinFuture has released new pictures of the upcoming Chromecast-based Android TV dongle and the associated remote control from Google.
  • The supplied remote control has a different button layout than in previous pictures.
  • In particular, it lacks a customizable star button.

We’ve seen images from Google’s Android TV dongle with Sabrina Chromecast a few times before, but new photos courtesy of WinFuture Give a better idea of ​​what we can expect from the device to come.

To start with, the remote has a revamped button layout that we last saw. Starting at the top, you have a D-Pad to navigate the user interface, as well as the Back and Assistant buttons. Below that we see home and mute buttons. This includes special YouTube and Netflix shortcuts. The whole thing is rounded off by a power switch, an input switch and a volume rocker on the side of the remote control. The only thing missing here is a headphone jack like the one you see on Roku remote controls.

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In previous leaks, the remote also included a star button that people thought Google would let you use as a programmable shortcut. It’s not present in these latest images.

WinFuture also shared new pictures of the accompanying HDMI dongle. There aren’t many surprises here. It has a short HDMI cable, a button on the back that will likely be used to reset the device, and a USB power port to power the dongle.

We don’t have to wait long to get official details about the new device. Google is holding an event to announce new Pixel hardware on September 30th. The company’s invitation promised a look at its “new Chromecast”.

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