After being shown off during Xbox & Bethesda’s E3 Showcase, the new content coming in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer was further detailed by developer 343 Industries in a post on Halo Waypoint. The post sticks strictly to details on the game’s multiplayer, including details on the new maps, weapons, and vehicles players can expect to see.

Only two weapons were revealed in the Waypoint post: The Skewer and the VK78 Commando. Immediately, both are stylistically different from guns in other Halo titles, taking on a more gritty and realistic look. The Skewer lives up to its name, apparently firing a large pointed rod to shoot through enemies. The weapon also features a rusted blade as a bayonet, ensuring that if enemies don’t keel over from the stab wound, they’ll eventually succumb to tetanus. The commando on the other hand is a standard-looking assault rifle.

In terms of maps, we got a decent look at what’s on the way. Behemoth, set on a Halo ring, will put players into a tropical area, full of sand, palm trees, and massive forerunner structures. Fragmentation takes place at a base called “Installation 07,” and is filled with rocks to take cover behind or jump on top of to get the drop on enemies.

Recharge and Live Fire are more industrial-themed, with the former taking place in an old hydroelectric facility full of open spaces. The latter is a training course for Spartans, so expect an extremely balanced, if not symmetrical, map.

Finally, there’s Bazaar, set in Mombasa. We don’t see a lot of this map in the preview, so it’s hard to say exactly how it will eventually play.

The post on Waypoint also gave us a look at the vehicles players can expect to see in Halo Infinite. Classics such as the Ghost, Chopper, and Banshee are making a comeback, although with a new red and black metallic design. A VTOL attack chopper called the Wasp is also being added, which can seat one player and sports dual machine guns. Finally, the game is getting an additional land vehicle in the Razorback, an offshoot of the Warthog that forgoes weapons for extra armor.

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