New female-focused Star Wars series could be coming to Disney Plus


No word if the new Star Wars series will get cameos from well-known female characters like Rey (Daisy Ridley).


Star Wars films could slow down, but it looks like a new TV series that focuses on female characters may be on the way Disney Plus.

Netflix Russian doll Co-creator Headland of Leslye writes and will serve as a showrunner for the new Star Wars series, by variety On Wednesday.

No details about casting, possible characters, or storyline were released, but sources said Variety said it would “be a women-focused series that takes place in a different part of the Star Wars timeline than other projects.”

In addition to Russian Doll, Headland worked on the film Sleep with other people and the TV shows terrier, Dull conversation, SMILF and Black Monday.

Lucasfilm and Disney are currently working hard on the next season the successful Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

Disney Plus is preparing two more live action Star Wars shows – a Rogue One Prequel Series with Diego Luna and a Obi-Wan Kenobi series With Ewan McGregor.

Disney and Lucasfilm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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