NBC Peacock tips: How to get a 3-month free trial, find kids’ shows and more

Peacock: NBC streaming service with original content

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NBC’s new free streaming service peacock Started earlier this month with over 20,000 hours of shows, films, news, sports, curated channels, trendy highlights and exclusive originals – about two thirds of which you can watch completely free of charge. The platform hosts popular shows like Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock; Films like The Bourne Identity and Shrek; and a large catalog with shows and films from various networks and studios. (Unfortunately, you won’t find NBC’s biggest hit show The Office on Peacock until January.)

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You can stream Peacock on Apple devices like iPhone and Apple TV, Google devices like Android phones and Chromecast, Xbox One consoles, PlayStation 4 consoles, Vizio SmartCast TVs and LG Smart TVs. But at the start you can’t look at popular Roku or Amazon Fire TV devices.

Whether you’re sticking to Peacock’s free tier or subscribing to one of the premium tiers, read the tips and tricks we’ve found so far to help you get the most out of the new streaming service.

Choose the price level that suits you best

Peacock premium account monthly cost

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Peacock’s free tier includes about two-thirds of the entire catalog (about 13,000 hours of shows, movies, news, and sports) with ads. Peacock’s premium tier costs $ 4.99 per month for the full catalog of ads. If you pay $ 9.99 a month, you can view the entire catalog ad-free. If you want to upgrade to ad-funded or non-ad-funded rewards, you can easily compare plans on your account page with Peacock.

Both premium levels are the same, except that the no-ad plan contains no ads. With this plan, you also have the option to watch offline on mobile devices at a later date. Peacock also notes that some titles may still contain ads due to streaming rights, even if you don’t have an ad premium. It’s easy to switch back to free, and you can still end your free trial.

When you sign up for the free tier, you can start watching right away and it’s easy to upgrade to one of the others. It was a seamless transition to ad-financed premium and there is only about 30 seconds of advertising that Peacock marks with a little orange dot. For example, in one episode of Parks and Recreation, I saw only three commercial breaks.

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First look: Peacock Streaming App


Get the best deal


Parks and Recreation is one of the most popular library titles that Peacock streams.


If you’d like to try one of Peacock’s Premium Levels, you can get a longer free trial of Sign in with an Android device. Instead of the seven-day free trial version, you will receive Peacock Premium free of charge for three months. If you are already an Xfinity or Cox customer, you can also view the premium service free of charge.

Set up parental controls


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Although Peacock doesn’t have the same reputation as HBO for adult shows, you may not want your kids to run around the library freely. While there isn’t the same kids catalog as Disney Plus or HBO Max, there are still plenty of kid-friendly options. NBC’s streaming service offers five different customization options to ensure that your family displays age-appropriate content.

Just click the profile icon in the top right corner and choose Settings. From there, scroll down to Parental Control and turn it on. You can choose between young children, older children, family members, teenagers and adults. Peacock gives a brief description of each age group, for example, Older Kids offers programs for children from the age of seven. Most of the show ratings are TVY7, TVY7-FV, TVG and G.

Make your selection and create a PIN. For example, if you set your parental controls to Family (including TVPG and PG), the PIN is required before you can view anything with this or a higher rating.

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Navigation 101

Peacock: NBC streaming service with original content

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Peacock’s search interface is set up like most streaming services. You can search for TV shows, movies, news, children, sports or Latino. Free and premium content are mixed: if you use the free level, the premium titles are marked with a purple tag. When you are on the News tab and select Browse, you can view clips from news segments and playlists with clips from news shows such as Morning Joe, Rachel Maddow Show, and MSNBC.

In addition to browsing, you can also explore channels that allow you to browse a TV guide-style menu with clips or some shows that you can watch live. However, be warned that these are not regular television channels. For example, an office shorts channel only shows clips from the show, not full episodes. The same applies to the Saturday Night Live Vault channel. It’s fun to flip through if you want to watch something quickly, but it’s not the most effective way to find full episodes of shows.

Finally, on the Trend tab, you can scroll through 10 tile-like pages that automatically play news, late-night clips, or sports highlights. It’s like flipping through 10 pre-selected YouTube clips.

Rotten Tomato reviews

When looking for a good film (or one that is so bad that it is good), Peacock saves you a few steps by pasting the Rotten Tomato reviews right on the page of the film. You can view the Tomatometer percentage by clicking on the film or hovering over it (on the desktop). When I was browsing Peacock’s free film collection on my laptop, some films showed no rating when I hovered over it. It looks like Peacock will only promote the rating if it is above 60%.

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Watch every trailer of Peacock originals that comes to streaming


For more information on NBC’s Peacock, see Our guide to everything you need to know about pricing, free trials, devices, shows, and movies and what it means that Peacock launched without Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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