Nail Arts Some of the best nail arts

Nail Arts Some of the best nail arts

Nail Arts  : Painted nails have always added a pop of colour into any look. Be it a matt colour or something sparkly and shiny, it has been a favourite among girls of all ages. Of late this style statement has been taken up a notch. Nail art is the new ‘in thing’ when it comes to painted nails. Nail art can be professionally done in a nail art salon or even at home. A lot of nail art kits are available in the market these days to make the process a lot easier. This makes it easy to do nail art at home.

Requirements to make a good nail art design

If you want to get it professionally done it is best to visit a nail art salon. You will get a variety of designs to choose from. But the same thing can be done at home. The best way to do is with a help of nail art kit. The nail art kit provides the tools required to make the design on the nail with different coloured nail polishes. It comes with stencils that can be used on the nails. Nail art can be a simple process if done properly. It will give amazing results.

Some ideas for nail art designs

Nail Arts

Using small stones on the nail polish is an extremely good idea. It gives a look of bling to the nails. Using a single colour and then covering the tips with stick on stones is an easy and effective idea. Nail Arts

Using different colors on different nails to give a rainbow effect to your fingers can be an amazing trend. Nail Arts

Animal prints can be made on nail with the use of nail polish. You will just require the specific nail colours required. Nail Arts

Using gold trimmings on the tip of the nails and using different colours on the lower portion can be a beautiful ensemble. Nail Arts

A lovely idea is to cover the nails with some light coloured nail polish and then using a thin brush to make some intricate design on it. This can be done on one nail or on all the nails. Nail Arts

Using glittery colour on one nail and matt colour on the other nails can give uniqueness to the look. Nail Arts

An ombre effect of using dark to light colours is another easy to do idea but looks lovely when done properly. Nail Arts

Covering all the nails in dark shade leaving one in a light color, covered with glitters on all can give a very festive look. Nail Arts

Having festive themed things painted on the nails is a great way to keep off any festive season.

Nail art has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In order to keep the shine and the design intact it is best to apply a coat of sheer nail gloss on the nail art. This will not only protect the nail art but also give the whole design a much more compact look. It also makes the nail look shinier. So visiting a professional store is not the only way to get some art done on your nails.

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