10 Best Music Player Apps for Android Mobile Phones

Music Player Apps for Android Mobile Phones

In the modern world, people love listening to music. As it’s one of the best ways to cool their minds and stay calm in most of the cases. In general, all the Android devices will have a default music player app for simply playing the audio. But, this default app is not that good when compared to the other music player apps.

If you are a music lover who strives to find out the best music player apps for Android 2019 to play music hassle-free? then you have to check our 10 best music player apps for Android 2019 post. In this post, you’ll get all the best music players apps at ease. Stream Music Online with the help of Online Music streaming apps.  These players are open source audio players  and music videos.

Music Player Apps
Music Player Apps

10 Best Music Player Apps for Android:


AIMP is one of the best music player app for android 2019. This app has decent craze and it supports most of the music file types such as FLAC, MP3, MP4 and so on. With this app, you can get lots of customization options such as theming, fun stuff, and more. User Interface of this app is pretty simple and has clear design interface as well.

The best feature you love in this app is its awesome equalizer and volume normalization. Along with that, you can also talk about HTTP live streaming as well. With all these features, its definitely the best music player apps for Android 2019


Musicolet is one of the popular music apps for Android mainly because of its ad-free music. This app is very lightweight music player and has top-notch features. In this app, you can control your music player by using your earphone buttons as well.

The user interface of this app is simple and you can easily access any tabs or folders. Musicolet does have a basic equalizer which works perfectly. It also has a tag editor, widgets, Sleep timers and more

Phonograph Music Player:

Do you want to try out a music app that’s dynamic and has rich features? Then try out Phonograph music player because it has rich features with the visually attractive appearance. User Interface is clean and it has dynamic colors to match the content on the screen.

In this music player, you can customize the player according to your needs. This helps you to automatically download the missing information about all your media. You can take the help of tag editor as well. Phonograph app is free but it is also having some in-app purchases as well.

Pulsar Music Player:

Wondering to use a completely free and lightweight music player app? then pulsar is one of the most popular and most preferred music player apps on Android.

The music player is an ad-free player with lots of customization options. In this app, you can sort them as folders, albums, artists and more. It provides gapless playback and has home screen editor and widgets and more.

Pi Music Player:

If you are striving to use the decent music player app which has loaded with good features and beautiful design? then pi music player app will be the perfect fit for you.

This music player shows some basic options at the start of the installation. According to your options, you will get different themes. If you want to change then you can easily change them. This app is having some good features like widget support, ringtone cutter, sleep timer and more. As it’s free it will display some ads but it’s good to use.

Black Player:

Eager to use a music player with swipes and gestures? then you should be installing the black player.  It’s one of the best music player apps for Android 2019. This is specially designed with customizable User Interface. For this music player, you can change the fonts and the color of the theme as well.

This free music player has good features such as sleep timer, tag editor, gapless playback mode, and more. The most attractive feature is its 5-band equalizer with the bass boost. You’ll also have 3D surround virtualizer & Amplifier with it.

N7 Music Player:

N7 is yet another free music player which has a great stylish user interface. It’s quite easy to use this n7 music player as you can easily zoom-in or zoom-out to quickly view any file.

N7 has lots of graphical improvements when it compared to the old view. Apart from that its thrilling gapless playback and sound virtualization effects will blow your mind. So, this is the best music player for android 2019 you have to use.

Media Monkey:

Most of you might already go through this special music player app. This is one of the most popular free music player apps which is used by thousands of users.

This app is loaded with prime features and you can easily access its libraries with ease. You can check all the details such as albums, podcasts, artists, tracks and more. Media monkey has a faster search feature which helps you to find out the music you are searching in lesser time.

This features like sleep timer, tag editor, home screen widgets and more are additional boost this app.

Musix match:

Musixmatch is another simple music player which you can use to have fun. This app has some good features and the real good feature most of the people love is its floating lyrics widget. This gives you to have access to the lyrics and they are synced in real-time.

This app allows users to search the songs by title, or get the single line of lyrics as well.it has all the features similar to the other free apps so I have included that on this list of best music player apps for Android 2019

Jet Audio:

The jet audio is another free music player app which has been in the race for a fair amount of time. It has some cool features and it’s good to use with simple UI. Jet Audio app comes with the basic equalizer and it has special effects like bass boost, widgets, tag editor, MIDI Playback and more. This app is having both a free and paid version. Mostly free version is good enough for any users to enjoy the music.

Extra Shots

Did you know that there are now many Music Player Apps that work on various types of cell phones, such as the Nokia N-Gage and HTC Hero? If you have a HTC Hero, there is a free download of Google Play Music available. This is a free download for all Android phones except the Blackberry Z10. It’s extremely convenient to have your own music player on your phone because it allows you to listen to your own songs while driving or traveling. This feature includes a great many great features including allowing you to play the song you were listening to by reading the lyrics from the center of the screen.

The developers of the free Google Play Music Player App created a completely different application to enable Android users to listen to songs on their phones using the media player. I won’t go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of this application, since there are plenty of other articles online to read about that. What I will do is focus on the benefits of this Google Play Music application. There are many features including controlling your own playlist. You can create a specific song that you want to start playing without knowing what the whole song name is. This will save you from reading lyrics of the song if you don’t know them.

There are also dozens of “quick settings” for the media apps. Some of these features include setting the volume on or off, locking the screen for when you don’t want to see the caller name and controlling the ringtone. Other apps allow you to listen to a song from the library, and other features like searching for songs by song title, and opening the best songs based on your taste.

Google Play Music has several easy to use features including a dictionary, weather and air quality of the place you are visiting. You can also enable the touch screen feature in case you don’t have a stylus pen with you. This will enable you to just tap on the song you want to play and have it play in a similar way to the one on the iPhone, which is extremely convenient. The other good news is that this application has a “firmware upgrade” feature, so you don’t have to worry about having to replace your phone if you want to upgrade.

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