Most Huawei users would consider upgrading to Harmony OS

Huawei P40 Pro EMUI 11

Earlier this month, Huawei introduced the second iteration of Harmony OS, its all-round operating system for future hardware. The company has also confirmed that the operating system will also be prepared for use on smartphones and that existing devices with Android-based EMUI 11 can be “upgraded” to Harmony OS.

We haven’t seen a Harmony OS smartphone yet and we don’t know which devices are eligible for the upgrade. But we wanted to hear your opinion on it.

We asked readers if they would like to update their Android-based Huawei phone to run on Harmony OS. Here’s what you told us:


Before we get into the numbers, it’s worth noting how open-minded the readers in the survey were. 83.5% of all respondents would be open to the idea of ​​switching from EMUI 11 to Harmony OS.

In fact, around four in five Huawei users in our survey would consider dropping Android for Huawei’s fledgling operating system. That is a considerable proportion.

However, just over 40% of those surveyed have reservations and cite the functions of Harmony OS as a determining factor. Huawei hasn’t given us any significant clues about this yet, so it’s understandable to see such a high number of users on the fence.

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Just under 43% of voters don’t need the Chinese company to prove anything. They would jump onto platforms immediately if they got the slightest hint of an option.

We’ve seen in previous surveys how the promise of expanded operating system support can affect users’ purchasing decisions, and Harmony OS could allow Huawei to better support its older devices. The company also promises cross-device integration with its other Harmony OS products. Hence, it’s likely a more future-proof solution than Android-based EMUI.

However, not everyone is convinced. 16.5% of voters would refuse to upgrade to Harmony OS if given the choice. Either these users are happy with the combination of EMUI 11 and Android, or they are looking to see if the US trade ban lasts until 2021.

Here’s what you had to say

  • Zero: It’s a new operating system for smartphones, although not that many have tried it. It’s worth a try.
  • androwin: Sure, why not! I don’t have a GMS on my main phone anyway, so I don’t lose anything when upgrading if my device is one of the eligible devices for the update, and even for my second older Huawei phone with GMS, it’s time to go for newer ones looking for things i don’t mind losing gms on this phone. The smart decision, however, is to update all devices released in the past few years at least until 2016 so that they don’t split their users between two ecosystems!
  • Doroto (on the launch of Harmony OS 2.0): I saw comments on an article back in 2019 when Huawei first announced Harmony OS. Most people don’t believe in the existence of this operating system. Now you can shut up. I think Huawei OS will be a huge hit as either Google Android or IOS are capable of what Harmony can do.

That’s all from this poll. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have any remaining comments that you would like to add, you need to file them in the comments section below.

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