More Fan Edition phones may debut with future Samsung flagships

More Fan Edition phones may debut with future Samsung flagships

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE promotional photo from Samsung 3

  • Samsung may launch other Fan Edition models alongside its future flagship range.
  • This comes after the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition made its debut this week.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition made its long-awaited debut this week, bringing consumers some features that their premium siblings offer at a cheaper price. But this device or naming convention is supposedly not going to be unique.

According to Samsung (via SamMobile) are expected to be followed by more Fan Edition models in the future following the launch of the company’s flagship lines. This means we’ll likely see the Samsung Galaxy S30, followed by a Galaxy S30 Fan Edition about six months later.

Expanding the offering with a cheaper device is a tradition that Samsung has revived with the Galaxy S10 Lite. Samsung apparently ditched the nickname “Lite” this time around to identify the S20 Fan Edition as part of its flagship line. It’s all about marketing.

For Samsung, this makes good business sense. Initial estimates for S20 sales were worryingly below normal for the company’s flagship. A cheaper model with similarities to its flagships may seduce those who are not ready to buy a premium phone.

However, the lower price means compromises. The Note 20-like “glasstic” spine returns to the S20 Fan Edition, albeit with a pleasant color palette. It uses a flat panel display with a lower overall resolution, as well as a camera system that is unlikely to challenge its premium siblings. There’s also less RAM for avid multitaskers, while audiophiles have no headphone jack.

If you really need better hardware, the Fan Edition just isn’t for you. But if this model is to be an annual event, is there any reason to buy a Premium S-Series device if you don’t need these features?

It will be a difficult balancing act for Samsung to offer users a cheaper phone while making the basic Galaxy S an attractive purchase. More users may be waiting for the Galaxy Fan Edition to debut before buying a flagship from the company. Ironically, this could further hurt sales of premium Samsung devices.

But let us know what you think. Would a regular Fan Edition model affect your Samsung flagship purchase plans?

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