More bad news: Google Stadia product lead exits

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  • John Justice – Vice President and Head of Product at Google Stadia – is no longer with Google.
  • Google has officially confirmed Justice’s departure after it became known earlier today.
  • This information is another piece of bad news for Stadia’s potential longevity.

Google did a big deal with its game streaming service when it launched in 2018 as a beta version that was then known as Project Stream. Eventually, the company touted it as a formal product known as the Stadia, with a monthly subscription fee, controller support, and even a dedicated studio for developing exclusive titles.

However, Google Stadia has been on shaky ground for the past few months. Initially, Google announced the closure of the aforementioned studio – a big sign that things are not working as well as hoped. There were also several heavy discounts on Stadia hardware that were reminiscent of fire sales.

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Today, The information reported that Stadias vice president and product manager John Justice had allegedly left Google. The company later confirmed this information 9to5Google.

Justice, who joined Google in 2019, was responsible for the consumer-centric product experience at Stadia. He also made formal announcements of upcoming Stadia features and game launches.

It’s not clear where the judiciary is going now that he’s no longer with the company. It’s also not clear who will take his former position on the Stadia team.

We expect to see plenty of Stadia messages on Google I / O in 2021, starting in a few weeks. Hopefully then we will have a better grip on the stability of Stadia’s future.

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