Mophie’s latest wireless battery pack slides on to your phone

Mophie’s latest wireless battery pack slides on to your phone

Mophie juice pack connect wireless battery

  • Mophie has released a Juice Pack Connect battery that attaches to your phone with an anchor.
  • The 5,000 mAh battery saves you the use of a bulky housing and works with Qi.
  • It should be available later for $ 80 before the end of October.

Battery compartments have one obvious flaw: they add bulk to your phone whether you need extra power or not. However, Mophie wants to change that with its recently launched Juice Pack Connect wireless battery.

Instead of hiding in a pocket or sitting completely apart from your phone, the Qi-based 5,000 mAh battery is attached to the back of your phone with an anchor and charges wirelessly with or without a “light” case. You can leave the package behind if longevity is not an issue or slip it open when you need to wrest the last bit of life from your handset.

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You can charge the Juice Pack Connect with any Qi pad or USB-C cable. Devices are also charged via the same USB-C port. An included phone grip doubles as a stand for watching videos when you are not using the battery.

The accessory works with virtually any phone that can be charged wirelessly. However, the additional usage varies from device to device. According to Mophie, you get 70% more battery with an iPhone 11 Pro, although the capacity increase from the wireless package is clearly not as impressive as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or other phones with huge batteries.

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The Juice Pack Connect is available now for $ 80. It’s significantly more expensive than some battery cases, including Mophies, and might not make as much sense as a standalone bank if you’re just looking for a way to recharge when you’re not on an electrical outlet. It’s an easier choice when you can’t afford to wait for a top-up, and it’s much more stylish when you only need extra run time occasionally.

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