Why Mobile friendly websites have better search ranking?

Why Mobile friendly websites have better search ranking?

Bloggers and marketers always want to rank their sites at the top of Google search results to get more traffic to their sites. They strive to convert their traffic into the conversions to improve their business.

So, previously they used to focus on the search engine optimization factors and also some of the white and black hat SEO tactics to rank well in Google.

But, the time has changed, and mobile users have been increasing day by day and as the day’s progress Google and other search engines have also updated their search algorithms to make it more difficult for the bloggers to rank well in search engines.

As the Google has rolled out the Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm boost, the new Googles new algorithm is supposed to get better search rankings for mobile friendly websites rather than other sites.

So, to achieve top rankings in search engines, you should make your site mobile friendly to achieve higher rankings in the search engine, and it has been the search engine optimization factor.

Tough some of the organizations and websites may deem, that it is unnecessary to restructure their websites to look good on mobile devices and mobile screens, it is vital to make this move if you want to make your site achieve higher search rankings and also to noticed by Google as well.

Having a mobile friendly site can always do wonders to your site by boosting your click through rate and also by increasing your website’s visibility in all the search engines and its results.

Google has been promoting to use responsive designs for all sites from the last couple of years; then you might lose so much.

If you don’t believe having a responsive site will make your search rankings better than you should have a look this,

Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller has announced on May 12, 2016, that Google has rolled out the mobile-friendly update.

Why Google insists on making a mobile friendly website?

Google always asks to make a mobile friendly site because in “think with Google survey” they found some interesting facts.

In the USA itself, they found 94% of people are searching local information through their smartphones itself, and the another interesting point is “ 74% of the mobile searches are occur at workplaces or homes where there is an availability of desktops, so Google has made their decision to improve mobile friendly sites.

The desktop version of a site can be difficult to view in a mobile version, so to see it quickly your website should be responsive, and it is always critical for business and as well as Google rankings.

Google has announced “mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in 2015” itself.  Google has put a penalized many sites which haven’t followed their ranking signals and guidelines.

Now, I think you have a clear view of this ranking factor but if you still didn’t get it let me explain your doubts in below points.

Mobile friendly sites are better to rank well in seo:

Here I am going to share some points which will tell the importance of the mobile friendliness.

  1. Mobile friendly sites appear at the top of the search results

The main reason to switch to the mobile friendly theme or responsive themes. Is to improve your website ranking position in Google search results. Google always tends to rank mobile friendly sites on the top of its search results.

You can even have a look at the search results and see the same results; this mostly ensures that users who are browsing through the Google from their mobile devices are given a great user experience. Google always denotes your rankings if you do not offer a mobile version for your users.

  1. Mobile friendly sites have the best click through rates

If users browse from their mobile devices through Google. Then four out of five results appeared in the Google are mostly tagged with the “mobile friendly” tag.  Then they will issue top results. So many people tend to visit mobile friendly sites other than standard sites. And also Google will drop the ranks regularly if your click through rates is weak. So it is very likely that traditional sites will be falling around its path.

  1. Mobile friendly sites have higher benefits

Mobile friendly sites can have a lot of advantages from Google point of view. They can increase their business and revenue because of their top rankings and traffic. In this era of the digital age, people mostly use their mobile devices to search for any products or services. So optimizing your site for mobile users can be a significant advantage.

It can directly help all the mobile users to find what they are searching for easily through their mobile itself. So that your click through will be boosted and so google is more likely to rank your sites results in top places. You can keep an end to the user’s frustration while browsing a product or services through the responsive site. So that you can increase your user experience which is one of the essential factors to rank well in Google and other search engines as well.

SO these are few points where you can actually know. “why mobile friendly and responsive design” is useful for your site.

Prepare your site for mobile friendliness or else you will get penalize

Google does penalize sites which are not having user-friendly pages. So websites which aren’t having responsive design can suffer from this point.

Google offered a Mobile friendly test tool which allows you to check your site. Whether it is intended for mobile users are not. Once your website passes the Google test. Then you are likely to have a much more ranking option then your competitors who aren’t having mobile friendly themes. Google will offer free friendly tag to your site when you passed that test. Or else it will show not mobile friendly tag.


These are tips where you can able to help to improve your site; this is all about “ why Mobile friendly websites have better search ranking”. I hope you all liked this article if you have any thoughts or suggestion you can do comment us below.