Miss Xbox Series X pre-orders? Microsoft will have more on launch day

Miss Xbox Series X pre-orders? Microsoft will have more on launch day

xbox series x pre-order

  • Microsoft is promising more Xbox Series X and S inventory on November 10 for those who missed pre-orders.
  • It also claims “record” demand for its new game consoles.
  • At least in North America, there could be a fierce battle with Sony.

Tried to pre-order an Xbox Series X only to miss it due to demand, bots, or disruption? Do not worry. Microsoft has promised that additional Xbox Series X and Series S inventory will be available for launch on November 10th and that retailers will be able to ask for “updates”.

The tech giant also said pre-orders for the Xbox X and S series resulted in “record breaking demand,” although it wasn’t known how many systems had been purchased to date. Microsoft sold over 1 million Xbox One systems in the first 24 hours, even though it was seven years ago.

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The news is welcome if you absolutely must have one of the new game consoles to launch, even if it means a risky business trip during a pandemic. It’s good for Microsoft, too, though – it suggests interest in Xbox Series X and S pre-orders is high despite aggressive PlayStation 5 prices that start at $ 399 for a digital-only model.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the Xbox brand will eclipse PlayStaton in the near future. Microsoft’s systems are popular in North America, but Sony is dominating console gaming in many other parts of the world. However, it suggests that Microsoft has learned from the Xbox One’s missteps (e.g., a misguided focus on television and initially strict copy protection) and may be jumping back.

The company has a strong focus on services and PC shortcuts with Xbox Series X, including cloud games with Game Pass Ultimate, an ever-growing library of all Game Pass subscriptions and titles that you can play across Xbox generations and PCs. If you are heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, the X Series may make the most sense.

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